Try These Simple Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Workout This Summer

Ok, so it’s not technically summer yet. But it’s only a few days away! And once all those buff dudes and sexy ladies start showing off their summer bods, it’s hard to not feel bad about your own body and get lazy with your workout routine. But have no fear! Here are five simple tips you can use to make sure you stay active this summer and don’t skip any days in your workout routine.


Some people avoid weightlifting because they don’t want to get too bulky. But lifting weights is an important element of a good all-around workout and can be crucial to getting that toned, sculpted look. And you don’t have to get too crazy with it. Just grab a couple dumbbells and do a nice variety of exercises with them.

And if you think lifting weights only helps builds muscle you’re sorely mistaken. Lifting weights burns calories like crazy, ignites your metabolism, burns fat, strengthens your bones and joints, decreases your chances of pain and injuries, increases flexibility, boosts your energy levels and confidence, and helps improve mental strength and body image. What else do you need?


A lot of people tend to stick to the same workout routine every day. This can be dangerous as you’ll eventually hit a point where you stop seeing results. It’s because your body is too used to the workout and it’s not getting anything out of it. So throw that old routine out the window and try something completely different.

If you’re doing a lot of cardio, then try a more physical workout. Or, if you’re a big weightlifter, start going on long runs. The sudden switch will shock your body (in a good way!) and will help you see better and quicker results from your workout. Plus the confidence and energy boost you’ll get from dominating a new workout can be huge for continued success.


As we stated in the opening paragraph of this article, it’s hard to not compare yourself to others. But doing so can be extremely detrimental to your psyche and your workout routine. So stop checking out everyone else in the gym, stop obsessively scrolling through Instagram posts about fitness, and just focus on you. Your health. Your happiness. I know it seems simple and not that important, but when you shut out all the outside influences and quiet your mind it’s easier to reach a state of health and happiness.


Some people take working out way too seriously. Don’t kill yourself, people! Working out and fitness can still be fun. Take a dance class, listen to silly pop music while you run, or find a friend you always love hanging out with to join you on your workout. Making your fitness routine fun is a very easy way to make sure you don’t get lazy or miss a workout.


Going to the gym every day can honestly be depressing. Those bright lights and the same music playing every day and that same boring room with all the treadmills… ugh. Mix it up! Get outside and take in some good old fashioned fresh air. It can revitalize your body and mind and, to the previous tip, it can make your workout a lot more enjoyable! Plus it’s a great way to apply tip number 3 by avoiding the mirrors and comparisons to other people working out in the gym.

And it’s that simple, folks! All of these things are fairly easy to apply to your regular workout routine and they can be huge in making sure you don’t miss a beat and see continued results. So get out there and get healthy already!