Top Healthy Food Trends of 2017

Food trends come and go but most don’t make it more than a year or two. We are seeing some of 2016’s trends already disappearing, like avocado toast, which are barely hanging on. I think people finally realized that they were paying close to $8 for two slices of bread and half and avocado.  Still we see many trends staying strong like Cauliflower everything, which is sticking around because it’s so versatile.

Some trends may last longer like the rise of donut shops and how every health spot offers Acai bowls. Some trends I’ll miss, because I do love a good Cronut, but my waistline will be happy to see them go. So what the heck does 2017 have in store for our pallets? Here is my list of the hottest food trends for 2017.


Veggie Chips

Potato chips are America’s go-to snack, holding strong for decades, but they are so bad for you. We’ve seen healthier potato chips come and go with weird side effects, think WOW Chips. No chip is worth loose stool and oily discharge, no thank you. But here to save the day are Veggie Chips, these are chips made solely out of vegetables, salt and a little oil. Hopefully these healthy chip alternatives catch on and save all our waistlines.


Substitute Sugars

We now know that chemical sugars are all bad, think aspartame, which has serious side effects. So companies are searching for the next great sugar substitute, and I think its going to be Coconut Sugar and Date Sugar. Both healthy alternatives and don’t have any dangerous side effects. They do have interesting flavor profiles, but I think they will be very popular among the health conscious set.


Funky Jerky

Beef jerky has long been a favorite way to get the needed protein but these often run high in sodium. So this year expect a new class of healthier, somewhat funky jerky alternatives. Be on the lookout for Salmon jerky and Lamb jerky, both healthier alternatives and lower in sodium. Who know what other sustainable sources of protein they make jerky from next, maybe llama or squirrel.



I have been saying it for years; Indian food is on the rise. With over a billion people living in India, their food and culture was bound to break out. Turmeric is on the rise and possibly the hottest spice of 2017. Expect to see this spice mixed into some of your already favorite meals, to really switch it up. Turmeric is also very beneficial to your body, making it a clear favorite to take over in 2017.



The Hawaiian specialty has made its way to the mainland. Poke is basically a giant sushi roll in a bowl, with some Asian sides tossed in for flavor. Chose a fish, a grain and a sauce, then the poke master mixes it all up and adds some special touches and you have a delicious bowl of poke.   A favorite among sushi lovers, it’s usually more affordable than its Asian brother.



Vegan cuisine isn’t going anywhere especially now that celebrities have championed its cause. Say goodbye to your animal products or anything that had a face, Veganism is here to stay. The fastest growing sector in 2016 is not losing any steam; expect more vegan options to spring up at your favorite restaurants. Plant-based diets are here and they will help our planet move away from animal products.



Possibly the biggest gainer from last year, Sauerkraut is climbing up the trends chart. The German staple is incredibly beneficial for you intestinal health and scientist have raved about its healing properties. You should expect to see the German favorite on many menus and in grocery stores all over.


These are the food trends you should expect in 2017, don’t fear change, and embrace it with your taste buds.




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