More than 46 million Americans will try a new diet this year and not all diets are created equally.US News and World Report ranked the 38 top diets and we will discuss why top 7 are so good. How easy is each diet to follow, the weight loss effects and the nutritional value of each were evaluated? Check out why each diet is beneficial and why they should be tried if you are searching for a weight loss solution.


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers makes it back to the top of the list by totally changing their philosophy. Making a switch to the new “Beyond the Scale,” program which focuses more on total body health and fitness rather than just weight. This shift signifies Weight Watchers willingness to change with the times and find a better way to lose weight.

Well-done Weight Watchers, Oprah would be proud. In today’s world, you must be able to adapt and this older weight loss system has shown that ability. They still use their familiar point system but they rely much less on the scale to monitor progress.


TLC Diet

The TLC diet stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and focuses on lowering cholesterol first. Celebrated by heart doctors and wellness experts for its cholesterol fighting ability. The TLC diet wants you to eat less saturated fats like chicken skin, butter and cheese and eat more fruits, veggies, fish and lower fat dairy products. A great diet for anyone who wants greater heart health without sacrificing too many food groups.


Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic diet focuses on breaking bad habits and replacing them with better ones and was developed at he Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.   This diet wants you to eat better foods and therefore you get more so you feel fuller. Instead of eating 200 calories of a candy bar, you eat 200 calories of broccoli, same calories but much better quality calories.

In this two-part diet, the first two weeks are tough but you will lose at least 5-10 pounds. Try the mayo Clinic diet out if you value being full instead of sweets.


Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian diet is for someone who wants to eat vegetarian but not totally give up delicious meat. This diet simply wants you to introduce “new meat,” which switches out traditional meats for tofu, beans, lentils, nuts and eggs. You can still eat meat but with these new additions, you should eat much less meat overall. Allowing you to still enjoy meat on occasion is a very easy diet to follow as its not completely restrictive.


Mind Diet

The Mind diet focuses on foods that feed the brain and help prevent brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. This hybrid diet is a perfect mix of the DASH and Mediterranean, the number 1 & 2 on this list. Makes sense it is number 3. Using studies of cognitive decline, this diet combines the aspects of each diet that focuses on brain function. You’ll enjoy plenty of berries, olive oil, nuts and leafy greens while on the Mind Diet.


Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet remains a popular choice because it’s so effective. This diet is what people that live around the Mediterranean Sea eat and they have exceptional overall health. You will enjoy fruits and veggies, fish and plenty of whole grains. This is a very easy diet to follow as it contains plenty of food for you to eat without being too restricted.



The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. Hypertension is very high blood pressure and can cause some serious health issues. You focus on lowering your sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams a day. Think about how a slice of pizza is around 640 milligrams of sodium, so that’s a quarter of your daily intake. This is a very easy diet to stick to and it should allow you to get healthy quickly.


Check out these diets and see which one fits you best.  The most important aspect to any of these diets is how easy they are to follow, so keep that in mind when choosing.