This Woman’s Three Tips For Weight Loss May Surprise You

Weight loss. Just about everyone thinks about it and most of us think about far too much. While it’s important to love yourself and find your confidence, it’s also important to lead a healthy life. After all, that’s one of the easiest ways to find that confidence and actually love yourself!

Well, recently, a woman by the name of Hannah Lester wasn’t exactly in love with herself and wanted to make a change. She weighed 285 pounds and wanted to get healthy and find that confidence I was talking about. Thankfully, some of her co-workers were talking about starting a weight loss challenge. She jumped at the opportunity and joined in. But you might be surprised by just how simple her approach was.

There have been and always will be hundreds of ridiculous tricks and quick-fixes to lose weight. But in the end, the most effective methods are the ones right in front of us that we’ve always known about. And that’s what Hannah chose to focus on. No pills. No fad diets. Just good old fashioned healthy living.

The first thing Hannah made sure to do was to set reasonable goals. Sure, she could have set some insane goal weight like 135 or 150. But the amount of work that would have had to go into it, and the amount of time it would have taken most likely would have only ended in Hannah giving up and ending up right back where she started. Instead, she set a goal of losing 35 pounds in 4 months. Sounds a lot more achievable right? 4 months is plenty of time but it was also over before she knew so she could experience the joy of achieving her goal. Which she did! And she only kept going from there.

The next thing she decided was worth focusing on, was the celebration of non-scale victories. Sure, stepping on that scale and seeing the number go down feels nice. But then when you look in the mirror, you may not feel all that different. So that number on the scale doesn’t always do the trick. Instead, she used her clothes to celebrate her success. Her pants started to become looser, and she even had to buy new clothes altogether! Now that’s a victory worth celebrating.

Similarly, she made sure to keep her “fat” clothes. Now that may seem like a weird form of torture to remind yourself of your previously unhealthy life. But she believed that it’s important to keep those mementos as a constant reminder of what she’s achieved and how far she’s come. Not to mention where she’d end up again if she ever fell back into old habits.

When all was said and done, Hannah had lost over 100 pounds! Now that’s the kind of weight loss stories I like to hear. Someone just decided they didn’t like how they were living and set out to change their life through hard work and determination. It can be hard, but it’s always the best approach. So if you’re inspired by this story, go out there and get to work! There’s no time like the present.