This Man Inherited A Mysterious Safe And It’s Contents Changed His Life

When you inherit something from a family member who knows what it’s going to be. It could be something that is very sentimental or it could be straight cash. Who knows what you’re being given, you just have to find out. One man was given a mysterious safe that was located in the basement of his great-uncle’s home. This seemed like a very nice gift, except for one thing, the house was about to be demolished. If the man could not get the safe out of his great-uncle’s basement then it would be demolished with the rest of the house.



Moving the safe out of the house would be quite the conundrum considering that it was over 1,000 lbs. How is one man supposed to lift that thing out? Also, who knows what is inside? Is it really worth to lug a 1,000 lbs? safe out of a basement if there are just some old tax records inside? These are all questions that were running through Jacob’s head as he tried to figure out ways to get the giant safe out of his great-uncle’s house. Eventually, he decided that he needed to get this safe out, the curiosity just got the best of him and he needed to discover what exactly it was that he had inherited.



The first attempt he tried to load the safe onto a furniture dolly and pull it up the stairs with a friend. They were able to get the safe on a dolly but when they got to the first step they realized they were in a bit over their heads. That is when they decided to bring in a tow-rope, a chain, and a tractor. THey were going to get this safe out one way or another. After a few tries with the tow-rope configuration, they were able to pull the safe out of the basement and Jacob was elated. Now all he had to do was figure out what was inside this giant old safe and who the stuff belonged to.



Now that he had the safe out of the basement he had to figure out how to get the darn thing open. Luckily his grandfather knew about this safe and even had the original manufacturer’s sheet with the combination on it. Jacob messed around with the lock a few times before he finally figured out and cracked the door open. What he found was another door. “Just great,” Jacob thought but then he saw the key for this door was right inside the safe. Jacob picked up the key and unlocked the second door. When he opened the second door he saw a pile of documents. Jacob was disappointed. He did all of that incredibly hard work just to find a pile of papers.



Jacob took the pile of papers out and began rifling through them and that’s when he found a jackpot. He found two different Disney Co. Stock Certificates that added up to 30 shares. He quickly met up with a financial advisor to see what was up and it turned out that those stock certificates were still outstanding. Now his grandfather and he are figuring out a way to change the name on the certificates so they can cash them in and collect somewhere around $50,000. Now that is a pretty awesome story about a crazy hidden treasure that took a lot of work to get to but was definitely worth all that hard work.