Things You Should Never Brag About

Bragging is not something mature adults should engage in. It is an excessive, self-aggrandizing behavior that should cease by the end of high school, and that is being generous. Unfortunately, the proliferation of social media outlets has exacerbated the braggadocios among us. While it is generally unwise to brag, these are specific things that you should never brag about.

Your vehicle – Log into Facebook, do a bit of browsing, and with minimal effort you’ll find some pretentious shots of someone with their pimped out ride. You name it, it’s on there: lifted trucks, sports cars with personalized license plates, and the occasional profile pic alongside their prized possession.

Your sports team –  There is one exception here. Take for example the Cleveland Cavaliers, who won the NBA championship in 2016. Not only was this the team’s first championship in history, it was the city of Cleveland’s first championship in any sport in 52 years. Anyways, when your team pulls an amazing comeback out of its bag of tricks, it’s cool to boast a bit. When your alma mater basketball team thrashes some no-name on a Wednesday night, please practice some type of self-control, and refrain from boasting.

Your night to remember – College fraternities are made up of 50+ young, testosterone-driven males that live to tap kegs and get ripped. This alcohol-infused time in one’s life, and the embellished tales incited by consumption of adult beverages, shouldn’t extend into one’s later years. Beyond the age of 22 boasting about the amount of booze you consumed is nothing short of sophomoric. Take a peek at that last invoice from your student loan. That should put things into perspective. Please don’t pontificate on about your latest drunken venture, for all of our sakes.

Your significant other – A significant other who happens to be insignificant to those beyond your closest inner-circle. Indeed, your friends and family are elated you’ve found someone who makes you happy, and rightfully so. But at some point, all of this mushy “he/she is great because…” becomes unnecessarily irritating. Intimacy is all about appreciating the little idiosyncrasies that only you know about. Don’t diminish the special nature of your beloved by pronouncing them to the world. Instead, just enjoy the other person. It isn’t necessary to brag about their greatness to others who, most oftentimes, don’t care at all.

Your job – It’s great to take pride in your work, but crowing on about your job is not something that is particularly interesting. For many of us, a job is simply a means to an end. You may love your job, and if so then great! Bear in mind, however, that many people are in a job they don’t particularly care for in order to provide for their themselves and their families. Time away from the office is their personal time – and the last topic they want to get into is work, particularly when someone is droning on about their latest work-related story.