Enjoying the summer sun is what this time of year is all about. You have waited all year long to get out and partake in as many fun activities as you can while the sun still shines. But one thing that can ruin a summer is heat illness and it can happen to anybody. When it is hot and humid out, your body may have trouble trying to regulate its own temperature meaning that heat illness may be on your horizon.

If you’re overly-exerting yourself out doors for long periods of time or your older or even on medication you have to be especially careful of heat illness but it can really happen to anybody. There are some key warning signs that your body likes to give you before you come down with the sickness so if you’re outside in the heat lookout for these telltale signs so that you can avoid the dreaded heat illness and keep enjoying the sun.



You Have Cramping, Nausea, or a Headache

The first signs you may be coming down with some heat illness are stomach cramps, nausea, and headaches. This is your body letting you know that it’s low on electrolytes or your just dehydrated. Basically, there is some sort of imbalance going on and that is usually because your body is having a problem regulating its temperature.

You can get headaches or feel nauseous for a variety of reasons, but if you’re in the middle of exercising on a hot day, it is best to just assume these symptoms are heat related. Just take a small break and rehydrate yourself, then if you feel better you can resume your exercise.



You’re Thirsty and Sweating Heavily

Sweat is used to try and keep your body cool, so if you’re sweating an inordinate amount it is probably because your body is too hot.

If your body does not cool itself down through the sweat and your conditions continue to worsen then you will definitely come down with some sort of heat exhaustion.

Also, as most of you probably know, feeling thirsty means your body needs water. When you’re out on hot days you should try to take a lot of sips even when you’re not feeling thirsty so that you can avoid becoming dehydrated. Sports drinks are also good because they’re a good source of electrolytes which you need when out in the sun.


Your Pee is Dark

When you’re spending time out in the sun you want to be peeing a lot. Peeing clear urine frequently is a great sign that you’re hydrating well, but if you don’t pee very often and when you do it comes out very dark then that is a sign your body needs more fluids. If your body is low on fluids then you will have a hard time sweating which means your body will not be able to regulate its own temperature. Avoid heat stroke by drinking a lot and peeing a lot.