The Most Common Ways People Are Ruining Their Workout

For the most part, everybody does their best to stay fit and healthy. And for a lot of people that means regular trips to the gym and working with an instructor. But one fitness instructor recently revealed the top 6 ways people are ruining their workouts. So read through this article and make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes!


This may seem silly, but some people just flat out ignore their instructor or trainer. This is a big mistake. They’re a professional for a reason! They’re telling you what to do so you get the best workout but also, maybe more importantly, so you don’t hurt yourself! So check your ego at the door and just do as they say!


Look, I know workouts can be tough. It’s ok to not want to do it some days. But don’t bring a bad attitude into the gym and spend the whole time sulking and complaining. You’re not helping yourself because you’re likely not getting the best workout, but you’re also bringing everyone else around you down too. This is especially rude in a class situation. If you’re just in a terrible mood do your workout alone or at home.


We’ve all done it. We’re moving along nicely and we think we’re ready for some advanced moves and exercises. But you have to be patient. There’s a progression for a reason and your body and its safety is of utmost importance here. You can do serious damage by trying something advanced before your body is ready to do it. So just be patient and let your workout regime progress at a steady pace.


This is all too common, unfortunately. People come into the gym wanting to lose weight and get in better shape but are unwilling to put in the work. And that’s what it is, people. Work! There’s no quick fix and there’s no miracle workout. It’s going to take time and effort. So if you’re not willing to put in the work don’t even bother!


This may come as a surprise to some, but being social and interacting with others at the gym can be huge in terms of continuing to come back and put in the work. And especially in some situations, you’ll need to partner up with someone, rely on someone, trust someone. So it’s important to not come into the gym and just tune everyone else out like it’s all about you. If everyone works together and helps each other you’ll all see better results.


It’s ok to be unsure. It’s ok to make sure you’re doing a given exercise or move properly. Don’t be too proud to ask questions! You’re there for a reason, so make sure you’re doing everything you can and doing it right to get your desired results. There are people that are literally getting paid to answer your questions and help you. So take advantage of their expertise!

Some of these may seem obvious but it’s important to remind everyone of these technically common mistakes. It’s all about keeping each other and ourselves in check! We all want to be healthy and happy so let’s keep working towards exactly that.