The Magic of Epsom Salt

You probably have seen Epsom salt in your parent’s bathroom but never knew what the heck it was. Why would they keep salt in the bathroom? Well, it’s not that kind of salt, in fact Epsom salt has been used since the 17th century to ease aches and pains. Luckily for you Epsom salts have enjoyed a renaissance over the past few years and now celebrities are learning the element’s therapeutic properties.

What is it?

First off, it’s not actually salt, instead it’s crystallized magnesium sulfate and if you know anything, magnesium is incredibly beneficial to us. Don’t get Epsom salt confused with bath crystals or the synthetic drug bath salts, they are very different and non beneficial. Luckily we can buy it for super cheap and it’s available at most groceries and pharmacies.  

What does it do?

The key here is the magnesium and how it affects our bodies. That’s where the magic comes into play because there is no actual scientific evidence proving or disproving Epsom salt’s benefits, we just know the results. When you take a bath or soak in an Epsom salt bath, your body absorbs small amounts of the magnesium, which soothes your sore body and helps with inflammation.


There is no better feeling than soaking in a hot Epsom salt bath and allowing the magnesium to do its work on your achy body. People have been using these miracle crystals for over 350 years with no ill effects so no matter what science says, the proof is in the pudding. Besides relieving aches and pains Epsom salt has been used for a variety of ailments.


Magnesium has been shown to extrude excess water out of your body so Epsom salt helps with bloating. People use this to help flatten their tummies by shedding the last bit of water weight. So if you have hit a plateau in your weight loss, maybe an Epsom salt bath could get you over your hump.


The only FDA approved use for Epson salt is as a natural laxative, so take it orally if you are constipated. Since its all natural, it is safer than many over-the-counter remedies.


Soaking in a nice Magnesium bath will help you shed stress and truly relax. When you get stressed, your magnesium levels drop so taking an Epsom bath should relieve some stress, by adding magnesium to your body. These baths also promote wellness, enhance your mood and help with sleep difficulties.


Obviously these baths can help soothe sore muscles and joints after hard workouts. I enjoy a nice bath after a long camping trip. Are your feet sore? Try some magnesium in a bath or just soak your feet for total relief.


Migraines have been linked to a deficiency in magnesium so Epsom salt can help with these terrible headaches. What better way to get rid of a migraine than a hot, relaxing bath?


Proven to exfoliate your skin especially on your feet, which can really have some rough skin.

Ingrown nails

Soaking your feet will also help with those pesky ingrown nails.

How to setup Bath

A simple Epsom salt bath is basically 2 cups of Epsom salt mixed into about 15 gallons of water. Try and soak for a minimum of 15 minutes, but longer won’t hurt you except for some pruned fingers.