The Four Causes Of Eye Twitching

Is your eye twitching? Maybe you’re like George Costanza and you got some grapefruit juice in your eye. If that’s the case then it’s pretty easy to know why everyone thinks you’re blinking. But if your eye has not been subject to a splashing from acidic fruit juice then you might be left wondering why your eyelid won’t take a break. Just trying to deal with your spasms might not be an option and you may want to figure out the root of this eye spasm problem so that you can stop it now and prevent it from happening in the future. There are a few simples reasons (besides being squirted by a grapefruit) why your eye will twitch and we’ll share them with you so you can keep your eyes clear and working correctly.



Your Eye Is Infected

The first reason we’re laying out is probably the least desirable one. No one wants to hear that their eye is infected but if your eye won’t stop twitching then it’s a reality you have to consider. If your eye is red and swollen then the twitch is probably the result of an infection. The best way for you to treat it is to wet a washcloth and hold it over your eye for a few minutes. This simple action will go a long way towards helping rid your eye of an infection. Once your infection has gone away then the twitching will most likely stop. Although, if you’re suffering from an eye infection the swollen eye and redness will probably be more of a concern than the eye twitch, either way, you’ll want to get the situation under control.


You’re Stressed Out

Feeling stressed is a big contributor to an eye twitch. A twitching eye will probably just add to your stress and have you pulling your hair out and blinking involuntarily. You will look like a total wreck if you don’t chill out and get this situation under control. If you suspect that your eye is twitching from stress then do your best to figure out a way to chill. Try meditation or a good long walk or anything else you know helps lower your stress level. When you start to chill out so will your eyes.


You’ve Had Too Much Chocolate Or Caffeine

If you love putting down 5-6 Mocha Frappuccinos every morning then your drinks are probably the reason why your eye won’t stop twitching. There is caffeine not only in coffee but in chocolate too and that can cause hyperactivity in your nerves which means your eyes will start fluttering. An eye twitch isn’t a guaranteed sign for everyone who’s had too much caffeine, but it does affect a lot of people. So if you know that caffeine will lead to an eye twitch then it is best to cut back so that your eye will chill out and you can go about your day.


Your Super Tired

I know what you’re thinking. “If I drink too much caffeine and I’m super awake then my eye twitches, and now you’re telling me that if I’m super tired my eye twitches too?” Yes, unfortunately, that is the case. If you are too tired then your body may be too tired to regulate your eyelids which will lead to some solid twitching in your peepers. So if you’re feeling wiped out then you probably need to get some solid rest to fix your eyes.