The Cauliflower Pizza Crust Craze Has Officially Gone Mainstream

Look, when I first heard about people making pizza crust out of cauliflower I was as mad as you were. It’s pizza, for goodness sake! Pizza is one of the most sacred food items in the world. How dare you bring cauliflower into this! But I’ve got to be honest with you… it’s actually kind of good. And there’s no denying the health benefits of the switch.

But for a while, it was just a small craze that you could only find in small vegetarian or vegan joints here and there. It certainly wasn’t easily accessible and available to everyone. Well, that’s about to change. Because national pizza giant California Pizza Kitchen has officially added the crust alternative to their permanent menu! So let’s take a look at some of the best pizzas on their menu that go perfectly with the latest crust trend in pizza.


The original BBQ chicken is the staple of California Pizza Kitchen. It is their most popular pizza and it is my personal favorite. It comes with barbecued chicken breast, red onions, fresh cilantro, smoked gouda, and is topped with a perfectly tangy barbecue sauce. Chicken is already a much healthier meat choice that pepperoni or sausage, and the added health benefits of the switch to cauliflower crust make this one of the tastiest and healthiest pizzas in the country.


You can never go wrong with a meat lover’s pizza. You are eating pizza after all. Why not throw all those spicy meats on there! But, naturally, this makes for a rather unhealthy pizza that’s easy to feel guilty about eating. Well, throw that guilt out the window by putting your next meat lover’s pizza on a cauliflower crust!

At CPK this Italian classic comes with spicy pepperoni, Italian sausage, cremini mushrooms, fresh basil, and delicious mozzarella cheese. And take it from me, this pizza is still just as delicious as you remember on that cauliflower crust. So make the switch and feel better about your food choices!


A Margherita pizza may feel boring and basic to most people. But, in reality, there’s nothing more authentically Italian than that classic combination of tomato, basil, and mozzarella. It really is one of the perfect flavor combinations in the world. And it’s a big-time favorite with the kids!

But, similar to the guilt that comes with a meat lover’s pizza, it’s easy for parents to feel guilty about feeding their children pizza too often. Enter the cauliflower crust! It’s such a healthier choice and the delicious flavors that still exist on the Margherita pizza will ensure that your kids don’t even notice the difference. Especially if they don’t actually hear order it!


And those are just three of the amazing options on the California Pizza Kitchen menu, all of which are now available on a cauliflower crust. So get on down to your local CPK and get with the program already! This is the future of pizza, people.