The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth Now

Let’s face it, no one’s teeth are white enough, except for maybe Master P whos mouth is full of veneers. But if you have natural teeth then the odds are that your years of hard living have rendered your teeth yellow, black, purple or any other shade than the one you desire, white. The process of turning your teeth into bright shining stars again can seem a bit daunting but don’t fear, it’s not as hard as you may think. There are plenty of great options available to you now that will turn your yuck mouth into a shining sight of excellence. There is no better time than now to whiten your teeth by using one of the many awesome options that are available to you.


Bleaching Vs Non-Bleaching
Okay, so here is the skinny regarding the products you may use to brighten your teeth. Bleaching products help remove deep stains on your teeth while non-bleaching products only help with light stains. So if you’re just looking for a touch up then you don’t need the bleach, but if you’re seriously trying to fix up your messed up grill then you need to start hitting the bleach. Also, make sure you use teeth whitening bleach in a safe way that the product advertises. You can’t have a few bucks by just drinking bleach in your downtime, you need to use teeth whitening products only.
The bleaches you will find in the teeth bleaching products are known as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.


Is Teeth Whitening For You?
Unfortunately, teeth whitening products don’t work for everybody. If you have food or drink related stains then you are definitely a great candidate for teeth whitening, but if your teeth are grey from smoking or some other reason then you may not get the effects that you are looking for.
Whitening the teeth will always help but you could not get the pearly whites that you are seeking out. You might just get fewer grey teeth, which is still better than super grey teeth.
Regardless, it is smart to talk to your dentist before attempting any sort of teeth whitening even if it is over the counter. If you have serious dental problems then using these products could seriously damage your mouth. Even if you don’t have any problems on the inside of your piehole you should still talk to your dentist because they can give you a better idea of how to effectively remove stains and how to avoid stains in the first place.
Bleaching your teeth will definitely affect the sensitivity of your teeth so if your chompers are already sensitive then you may want to look out because they will be exponentially more sensitive when going through this process.


How Often Should You Use Whitening Products?
That all depends on the product that you are using. Generally, the product will let you know exactly how often you should be trying this product. If the whitening agent is strong then you may not want to use it too much because it could seriously affect your tooth sensitivity, but if it’s an at-home whitening kit then once a day is usually just fine.