The Best “Human” Foods for your Dog

Superfoods are trending now as everyone is searching for healthy diets and quality foods. Containing nutrients and nourishment our bodies need these superfoods are great but can our dog benefit from these as well? Some superfoods are very dangerous to dogs like avocados and chocolate, but many are surprisingly excellent for their overall health.

Let’s check out the best human food for our dogs and why they are beneficial.


Perfect for the active dog that needs energy quick; bananas have natural sugars that metabolize fast. Bananas also contain the electrolytes your active canine needs.  Feed your dogs bananas of any color, they will love them all.


Perfect low calorie snacks for your dog. Carrots provide beta-carotene that helps your dog’s night vision and fights against cataracts. Try cutting up carrots for smaller dogs. Carrots can keep a bored doggy busy for a while.

Apples (sans seeds)

Apples aren’t just for us humans any more. These fruits are high in fiber and the meatiness of their flesh acts as toothbrushes for dogs. Apples can clean dog’s teeth and freshen up their breath so you can give them all the love they deserve. Remove the seeds before you let them eat the apples. These seeds can upset your dog’s tummy and make a mess for you to clean up later.

Sweet potato

My doggies just love sweet potatoes and they are excellent sources of fiber for their digestive tract. These superfoods fight against cancer and fend off aging.


A great meat choice for an overweight dog, turkey is low in fat and full of healthy protein.  Take off the skin to make it even more healthy.

Pumpkin puree

This holiday staple should be kept in your cupboard as a treat for your fur buddies. The canned pumpkin is full of fiber and carotenoids that help with digestion. The superfood has all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for healthy skin and fur. The immune system will receive a boost and your dog’s cancer fighting ability will be heightened.


Sardines or any fish oil pills are awesome for active doggies. The rich omega-3 fatty acids in fish make your pet’s fur silky and shiny.


Not just for breakfast anymore, eggs are great for dogs. Full of easily digestible protein, eggs will power your dog’s energy all day. Full of vitamins and amino acids, eggs can be beneficial to your dog’s eyes, brain and heart. Try eggs for dogs that don’t have a strong appetite.

Local Honey

Just like in humans, eating local honey will include small amounts of pollen in your diet that help fight off allergies and illnesses. Dogs get sick too, so take care of them as well.


My doggies’ favorite treat, broccoli is full of rich nutrients. They make great training treats as many of us normally discard the stems. I chop the stems up and feed them to my little buddies. Broccoli helps with your pet’s eyesight and is great sources of potassium.


Keep feeding your dogs these super foods to make their lives better.