The 6 Zodiac Signs That Can’t Stand Being Alone

The concept of “being alone” can take all different kinds of definitions for different people. You can love your alone time but still hate feeling lonely. There’s a difference, naturally. But there are some people out there that just hate being alone in general. And it’s typically directly related to their zodiac sign.

More specifically, there are 6 Zodiac signs that handle being alone worse than anyone else. So read through to see if your sign is on this list, and try and act surprised when you discover it is!


Right off the bat, this is tough to swallow, as I myself am an Aries. But once it’s broken down for me it’s hard to argue against. Aries can be very independent individuals, but they still long for appreciate or even just recognition from others. So, even though they can get a lot done on their own, they’re often constantly feeling a sense of urgency to find someone to see them and like them.

One way for an Aries to combat this would be to focus on giving yourself the unconditional love and appreciation you so greatly desire, rather than desperately seeking it from others.


When it comes to Taurus’, they tend to be needier than most, and more specifically often need to be needed. It all comes down to self-worth. They need others to need them to feel validated. So one thing any Taurus could try and focus on is determining your own self-worth internally, without attaching it to what you do or can do for others.


Gemini isn’t the sign of the twins for nothing. They crave a partner that they can constantly communicate every single thought and feeling with. It’s not all unhealthy, however, as they also crave learning from others as well. But in terms of trying to get more comfortable being alone, a Gemini should focus on letting out and enjoying their opposite sides, and less on finding their perfect match or “twin.”


For those keeping track, this is four chronological signs in a row! But unlike the previous for signs, Cancer’s are typically the nurturing type and crave the company of others so they can help and take care of others. Often leading to them not properly taking care of themselves. Any idea how they might combat this unhealthy behavior?!

It’s simple and obvious. Just give yourself some of that nurturing energy! Helping others will always feel good, but you deserve help too sometimes. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t leave yourself out.


Our first jump as far as the calendar is concerned brings us to Libras. Libras tend to feel antsy and unbalanced when they’re not with someone. So they’re often serial monogamists because they need that other person to focus on. Often leading to themselves ignoring themselves. That’s why Libras should try and confront their fears of being alone and become comfortable with themselves, and in doing so they would increase the chances of their next relationship actually being a healthy one.


Scorpios are often described as extremely carnal people that trust and follow their animalistic instincts. This leads to them dominating most elements of a relationship and really fusing with their partner in order to properly transform to make the partnership work. Obviously, this means they have a very difficult time being alone. So Scorpios should try and prove to themselves that they can grow and transform all on their own. That way they would be less afraid of being alone.