Terrible Brain Food

Have you been feeling less than normal lately?

Do you seem to be slower than you were just a few weeks ago?

Can you not get out of a fog?

Well, you may be eating food that is not so good for your brain functions. You may be putting bad nutrients into your system that is affecting the way your brain works. This could lead obviously to serious problems and possible loss of brain power. So pay attention, if your noggin isn’t already rotten from the inside out.


Trans Fat

Are you loading up on crackers, fast food and deep fried foods? If so, you may already have trans fat coursing through your veins and they may be dumbing shown your brain. The FDA just outlawed Partially Hydrogenated Oils, which are the worst kinds of trans fats and most common. The FDA gave companies 3 years to get rid of all the bad turns fat out of their products, but what about now?

Currently, these brands can keep the trans fat in the food, so buyers beware.

These trans fats affect your memory the most, meaning if you can’t remember things, it’s probably best to drop the fries.

The more trans fat you eat, the worse your memory will be and it may never come back. These trans fats are linked to shrinking brain mass and added aggression and irritability. So if you have been acting like a jerk lately, it may be the McDonalds talking.



Kick that salt to the curb and stay away from high sodium foods if you want your cognitive health to stay the same. Sodium can narrow the blood vessels allowing less blood to the brain and it slowly starves. Your mind needs food, blood and the oxygen that the blood carries is its food, so don’t starve our brain. When your brain doesn’t get oxygen it slowly shuts down sections, so if you want your dome piece to function properly, lay off the salt.



Sugar is the worst food additive around. For years everyone warned about high fat diets, when in fact high sugar is the real killer. Sugar affects your memory worst of all and unfortunately , sugar is in everything. Sugar causes inflammation in the hippocampus which is the memory core of your brain. Sugar also makes your brain less competent at receiving and processing information, which is one of its core processes. Lessen your sugar intake if you want a smart and crisp brain.



As previously mentioned, fat isn’t as bad as we thought it was, but its still pretty bad. Some fate is good, but diets too high in fat can affect your emotions. Too much fat and you can develop feelings of despair or angst, I guess teens must love eating fatty foods. The added fat content in the brain is closely related to depression, so smile and stay off the fatty foods.

Steer clear of dairy, chips and dips if you want your emotions to be stable. Saturated fats are obviously the worst so the less the better for your noggin.


Eat clean and your brain will thank you, or eat dirty and you won’t remember any of this anyway.


Photos courtesy of spring, august, easydiets