Take Fitness with you When You Travel

Just because you travel for work or go on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to leave your workout routine at home.   We all live extremely busy and hectic lives so squeezing in a workout can help with stress. With all the advances in workout technology, you can get the same quality workout as you would in a gym with just one or two pieces of equipment. Keep your workout routines active while traveling and your fitness goals won’t have to suffer just because you aren’t in the same time zone.


Jump Rope

Carry a jump rope in your suitcase when you travel and you won’t have to worry about how and where you will get your cardio workout in. This lightweight and small piece of equipment can help you keep up your fitness while on the road. Maybe the weather outside is keeping you from going on a jog or time is an issue, simply jump rope for 20 minutes and you will work up a good sweat. The aerobic exercise you get when you jump rope is the perfect way to start your morning or relax after a long day of meetings.


Resistance Bands

These little stretchy bands can pack easily in any suitcase and give you the best portable workout.  No more excuses when you travel.  You can do almost any exercise with a resistance band that you could do in a gym. Form push ups to squats, you can get one heck of a sweat going with just one or two resistance bands.   They weigh next to nothing, take up barely any space in a suitcase and will help you reach your fitness goals in no time.


Yoga Mat

Travel with a yoga mat and you have found the perfect way to bring the gym with you everywhere you go. Warm up, cool down or do some stretching and yoga anywhere with a mat. The mat can easily fit in your suitcase and they even make travel versions that roll up extra small.   Yoga mats are a cheap way to bring your gym wherever you go.


Suspension System

Suspension systems like TRX offer incredible workouts by using your own bodyweight as resistance and they can easily be packed in a suitcase. Simply hook up your suspension system to a door jam and you are ready for a full gym experience from the convenience of your hotel room.  Its simple to travel with a suspension system and you can get a great workout with minimal equipment.


Explore Nature or Urban Jungle

OK gang, do I have to say this? Get outside and see the city you are visiting. Each city is unique and you should check it out. Take time to explore your surroundings and get some cardio in as well. Whether you are in a natural setting or an urban jungle, each has its benefits. Take a hike in the woods or a jog on the beach or maybe an urban hike or find some stair s and get your butt up them.


Hotel Gym

Every reputable hotel has a basic gym so if your hotel has one, check it out. Pack some workout gear and get your sweat on friends. Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you can throw away your exercise routine, it goes for your diet. Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean you get to eat like a jerk.