Swimming Pools aren’t as Clean as you Think

Just because a pool is chlorinated doesn’t mean it’s not filled with bacteria and other gross things that are sure to make me sick. Before jumping in blindly to your community pool this summer, be aware of the dangers of swimming pools. Outbreaks of illnesses at these public pools and hot tubs are increasing at alarming rates recently so you should be concerned. The Centers for Disease Control have released warnings about the gross things that can be found in pools.



Crypto or Cryptosporidium is a parasite that can live in a pool for weeks and can cause some serious illnesses. People with Crypto complain of flu like symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps and these symptoms can last up to two weeks. Crypto gets into pools by infected fecal matter, so if someone with crypto gets into the pool, it’s all infected. That’s why you’ll see signs at your local pool about people with diarrhea not being allowed into the water.

If that sounds gross to you, it should.   Most pools are infected with crypto at some point, especially since it is chlorine resistant.

Crypto gets into your system through contact with pool water and your mouth, so avoid getting the wet stuff in your mouth and wash your hands properly when you get out with soap and hot water.


Pink Eye

Pink eye or Conjunctivitis, can run the gambit of just a slightly infected eye to full on infection with oozing pus and the whole nine. Many people are allergic to chlorine so they get redness in the eyes and irritation but they don’t actually have conjunctivitis. It’s not just chlorine that can irritate eyes, urine, makeup and sunscreen can all affect people’s eyes.

Yes, urine, people pee in pools, especially children, so do you really need other reasons to not swim in public pools? It’s not just urine that is irritating your eyes, the chemicals in makeup, lotions and other skin products wash off and pollute even the cleanest pools. Chlorine isn’t the clean all it’s advertised as, and most pools are under chlorinated.

If you want to avoid red eyes, urine eyes and chemical eyes, simply wear goggles dude.


Hot Tub Rash

Imagine a nice relaxing hot tub after a workout, sounds nice doesn’t it? Now imagine getting a rash all over your body including your privates, doesn’t sound nice now, does it? Hot tub rash is caused by bacteria in the water and can lead to red bumps, irritated skin and a red rash. Chlorine should kill the bacteria that causes hot tub rash but the warm water makes the chlorine break down faster so it’s rendered useless.

If you want to still get you soak on while avoiding the dreaded hot tub rash, simply shower immediately after you get out and wash your bathing suit before wearing it again. Or you could just not use public hot tubs like any pool professional will tell you. They are breading grounds for bacteria, so just stay out of them.


I don’t want to ruin your summer, quite the opposite; I’m trying to make you aware of the possible swimming pools ailments so you don’t have a crappy summer.