Summer Toys That May Be More Dangerous Than You Realize

It’s officially summer, folks. So it’s time for a lot of fun in the sun! And if you’re a parent it’s safe to say your kids are going to be spending most of their time outside. Getting outside, getting some sun, and getting some exercise can be great for kids and their health.

But you have to be careful. There are a lot of common summer toys out there that are actually more dangerous than you may realize. So if you want to be extra sure that your kids are safe this summer, avoid giving them these toys.


Any toy based on a real weapon probably isn’t a good idea. That goes for water balloon slingshots. Sending anything that fast toward another person’s face, let alone a child, is dangerous. It doesn’t matter that it’s just a water balloon. Water can still cause some serious damage if you hit it, or it hits you, fast enough. Protect your children’s eyes and leave this one out of the bucket of summer toys.


Surprise, surprise! Another children’s toy based on a very dangerous weapon. Some of these water guns pack such a punch that they can really harm a child, specifically their eyes. So keep these out of the hands of your children or make sure they have very minimal power.


I know, I know. This one hurts too. I have so many fond summer memories of going down a slip n slide. But they can be very dangerous. Kids will go at these things full speed and they will go at them head first. This creates a series injury risk as they could easily lose control. So, as much as you may want to give your kids the same fun summer experiences you had, you might want to skip this one.


This one probably comes as a surprise. Kiddie pools are so shallow, what’s the danger? Well, therein lies the danger. No one thinks they’re dangerous! Because it’s only a couple feet of water, children are often left unsupervised while in a kiddie pool. So either always keep an eye on your child when they’re in any water, or don’t bother with a kiddie pool.


Similar to kiddie pools, these can be dangerous because they give parents a false sense of safety. Putting these on your child can make you think there’s no chance of danger or harm. But it’s that very lack of supervision that can lead to danger. Especially because they are very easy for children to take off when no one’s looking.


This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. These things are powerful and completely unpredictable. Children can get their feet caught in the springs or be launched completely off the trampoline and onto the hard ground. Leave these to the adults and the gymnasts!


Naturally. At this point, you shouldn’t have even been considering giving these to your children. There have been many cases of lawn darts causing serious harm to people. And while they now make them “kid-friendly,” there is always a chance one will come down right onto your child’s head or eyes. These are an easy pass when it comes to summer toys. 

There are probably plenty of other toys out there that could harm your child, but these are the big ones, folks. So, avoid all of them this summer but be sure to still let your kids get out there and have some fun! After all, being outdoors is what being a kid in the summer is all about.