Strength Machines That Get Too Much Credit

So you’re trying to bulk up or you’re just trying to lose weight. Strength training is a good idea no matter what your fitness goals are. But sometimes there is a machine in your weightlifting routine that is always busy. You’ve been working out at the gym for an hour just waiting to get free, but there’s a line around the block waiting for it.

Well, we want to free up your time, that is why we are giving you a list of the strength machines that you can skip on your next gym trip because they are, in a word, overrated. 


You don’t have to wait for that darn leg press machine to open up, instead just head to the free weights and do some squats. Not only are they far easier to fit into your routine, they’re also more effective for most people. The leg press is meant to build lower-body strength, but it’s not that hard to build that strength on your own.



Just do regular crunches. People like to think that this counts as doing a lot more crunches than just doing them by yourself on the ground. While they’re right about the weighted counting for more of a workout, the weight also counts as stress on your lower back. So give your back a break and just do normal crunches on the ground. Plus, it will leave you less space you have to wipe up your sweat marks from.


This machine is used to help your quads but it doesn’t focus at all on your glutes. Also, you push with both legs at the same time, so your stronger leg is going to do most of the work. You can do different types of squats to affect your glutes and your quads. It’s always better to strengthen the whole upper leg as opposed to just one side of it.

Rotary Torso Machine

Yeah, don’t bother training your obliques with this machine. Just read the name of it again, the rotary torso machine. Doesn’t that just sound terrible for your back? Well, it sounds that way because it is. Instead, focus on strengthening your core and not on aggressively twisting your back.


If you want to work on your butt, then odds are that you’ve hopped on this machine. Well, this machine is probably the lamest in terms of gaining muscle and losing fat. You don’t even burn that many calories doing this exercise, so stop. Get up and walk away from the hip abduction machine or the hip adduction machine. They both are pointless and wastes of time. Yoga is a great way to work these muscles and burn calories.

You go to the gym to workout, not wait around, so skip the lines by doing these easy, more efficient exercises that are sure to get you a good sweat while getting the job done.