Losing weight isn’t easy, just like anything that’s good. Everyone has an excuse as to why they can’t start getting healthy, well, that’s about to stop. We need to ditch these common excuses and get on a path to health. Everyone has excuses but it’s up to you whether or not you use them. Let’s work on staying committed to our fitness and health goals and quit making up excuses and get to work.

No age, weight or physical ability should stop you from beginning your weight loss journey, so those excuses are done with as of now.


I can’t get started

Honestly, getting started is the hardest part, because after you get the ball rolling, it’s all downhill from here. It’s not rocket science, you work out, eat better and eventually, you lose weight, pretty simple. All you need to get started is a desire to better yourself and a tiny bit of motivation. It all starts with one healthy decision, then another and another and before you notice, you are living healthy.


I weigh too much to work out

Sure being morbidly obese is a scary situation, you feel like you are too fat to work out and past the point of no return with your weight, but fear not, everyone can do it. It’s about baby steps at first and then you progress further each day. If you have a will, you will find a way.


I’m too old to lose weight

Age is just a number and you decide how old you feel, so get up and make yourself better. Working out in your later years has been proven to slow down aging and lessen your chances of mortality.


I’m too busy

Your life isn’t going to miraculously get less busy; life will always be hectic, that’s what life is. So your excuse that you are too busy is false, you are just not willing to make sacrifices right now. That should be a more truthful excuse. Making time to eat healthily and workout are conscious decisions that you are not making.


I don’t know how to diet

Maybe you don’t know how to eat healthily, but you certainly know what foods you eat are the worst for you, so simply cut those out. If you drink soda, try one less a day and so on. There are plenty of free websites with healthy diets that you can read up on, with the internet, you really have no excuses.


I don’t have time to eat healthily

Well, that’s just a lie. You don’t have the time or you are not willing to make the time? Meal prep and planning is actually pretty easy and only takes an hour each week. If you can’t spare an hour each week, then maybe you need to quit one of your activities.


I’m too tired

Everyone is tired, and one of the reasons you feel constantly tired is because you are living an unhealthy lifestyle. Eat clean and workout and you will be surprised about how much excess energy you have.


Too Stressed

Being too stressed for exercise is hilarious because it’s exercise that will eventually cure your stress. Not much is as big of a stress reliever as working out.


Now that you have no excuses, getting fit will be a breeze, SIKE! It’s a struggle that is well worth it and yes, it gets easier each day.