Losing weight is not easy but keeping it off may be the hardest part. There are thousands of weight loss plans out there but how many are actually set up for extended periods of time? Most diets are quick fixes that are not meant to be used long term, so when we get off these trendy diets we gain the weight right back. Let’s stop the insanity and finally keep that weight off by literally stopping all our bad habits and have some sustained weight loss.

STOP wearing uncomfortable workout clothes
Why feel uncomfortable when you are already in an uneasy situation like working out with ill-fitting workout clothing. You don’t need to break the bank but when you lose weight, buy smaller workout gear, treat yourself. When you feel good, you look good and the clothing you workout in will seriously help your mental state. Losing weight is all mental and any advantage will help in the long run.

STOP thinking that weight loss is impossible
Obviously, weight loss is not impossible, people are doing it all around you and believe me, there are people bigger than you losing weight. The facts are there, and the only hurdle is motivation and mental blocks. Nobody is too big to lose weight, but many of us are mentally blocking ourselves from achieving our weight loss goals. Take your weight loss one day at a time and it will be easier.

STOP living on the scale
The scale can be your enemy, as our bodies change our weight will fluctuate, so stop living on the scale and just stick to your diet and exercise plan and weight will fall off. Your body may hold onto water because of some excess salt consumption, so this is no reason to try some quick fad weight loss, instead, trust in your plan. Losing weight isn’t meant to be a quick fix, instead, it’s a whole body and mind change.

STOP eating foods you hate
Don’t worry that you can’t eat Kale or if drinking a Beet smoothie is impossible, don’t fret. There are plenty of healthy foods out there, you do not have to eat foods you hate to lose weight.
Plus, over time your taste buds will change and you will crave healthier foods, once you break your sugar addiction.

STOP thinking exercise is a chore
Exercise should become part of your life and not some chore you have to drag yourself through every day. The key here is to find activities that you actually enjoy and make those your exercise. maybe walking is your best bet, so make whatever exercise you decide exciting and it will no longer be a chore.

STOP thinking you can never drink again
Alcohol has empty calories but every once in a while, it won’t seriously hurt your diet. Plus the fun and tension releases after a few cocktails are important to your mental health.

STOP shaming yourself
Please stop filling yourself up with negativity from the inside, you should be so proud of yourself for even attempting to get healthy and lose weight. Every day you should say something positive about yourself and believe me, your outcome on life will be better.

Stop these bad habits and your weight loss will be a lifelong change and not a quick fix.