When you’re watching your weight you have to make good decisions all day long and that means breaking bad habits. A smart breakfast starts you on the right path to watching what you eat and dropping those few extra lbs. But while you may be eating a smart breakfast and a light lunch, you may still be packing on pounds because of these afternoon habits that you don’t even realize are that bad for you.

If you can get rid of needless calories then you will be slim and trim in no time, but a lot of people don’t even realize they’re partaking in something bad for their waistline when they’re in the midst of these bad habits, that’s why we have identified them so that you can be sure to stay on track and lose the weight you want to.



Rewarding Yourself

Sometimes when you workout you reward yourself. That’s totally fine, but most people think that since they did the stair master for twenty minutes in the morning they can eat three cartons of ice cream in the afternoon. While it is totally okay to reward yourself every once in awhile, you really have to watch what you eat and try not to underestimate the calories in your sweet treat. Count calories and make smart choices with your treats, and the best way to do that is to separate your workout completely from your treat.



Don’t Sit All Day

Sitting all day is bad for your body. You need to get up and move so that you burn calories instead of just piling them on. A great way to accomplish this is to set an alarm that reminds you to get up every hour or so. You can take a lap around the office or challenge a co-worker to a kickboxing match. The latter might be hard to set up since your coworker is a total wuss, so maybe a lap around the office is more realistic.


Slamming Sweets

THere are times when they have leftover donuts in the breakroom at work or someone’s birthday cake goes uneaten because they’re unpopular in the office. Don’t eat just because something is there. Reward yourself with something sweet when it is something very special. Save your sweet tooth for your friend’s pie or your meemaw’s fudge. That way, you will really enjoy your treat instead of just slamming silly sweets just because they’re in front of you.



Getting Wasted

Sometimes co-workers like to go out and slam some drinks during lunch or right after work. This is usually fun, but it can lead you to make some poor choices with your diet. Getting wasted usually leads to eating something greasy. People rarely throw some shots back and then order a nice salad. So don’t get twisted at work or right after, and if you do decide to drink make sure you don’t choose something super sugary. Beer, wine or a liquor mixed with soda water are all okay to sip on.