Stay Safe While Jogging Solo

There is just something freeing about running outside, especially when the weather is right.   Sure treadmills are great but the outdoors makes your workout seem more fulfilling.   Jogging is one of the most popular ways to exercise in America, but running solo can be dangerous. Finding a running partner who runs at the same pace as you can be near impossible so often running solo is your only option.

Protect yourself from danger by doing these simple things and you will be much safer.


Never wear both headphones

Attackers usually strike someone who isn’t aware of the impending danger. No one is more susceptible to danger and attacks than someone with both earphones in. Try and avoid running with both ears covered for safety.  It’s easy to get caught up in whatever song you are listening to and not pay attention to your surroundings. Studies show that more people get hit by cars while wearing both earpieces.   Avoid being another statistics and wear only one earpiece, you can still hear your music but you can also hear danger coming.



Be aware of your surroundings

Its best to know your route so you can mentally plan out which dangers to avoid. If you know an intersection is dangerous, maybe plan a different route that is safer. It pays to be safe and sound. Try and find a safe route that involve bike lanes or jogging trails, even better look for a track at a high school. These are usually well lit and populated so you aren’t alone.


Be visible

Don’t run in dark clothing at night, sounds pretty simple but you would be surprised at how many do it. Wear some sort of reflectors or lights, its better to be seen than not. Cars and other hazards can see you from long distances. Get yourself a flashing light of even a headlamp for night jogs. This may help you see dangers on the trail like tree roots or cracks in sidewalks that can easily sprain or twist and ankle.


Tell someone

This is pretty simple, tell a friend or loved one that you are jogging and alert them to your route. If you don’t return, they will have somewhere specifically to look. Running in urban areas can be very dangerous and the last thing you want is to be injured with no one looking for you. I’ve personally injured myself on a run and luckily a friend knew I was running and when I didn’t show up she came looking for me.


Bring ID and Phone

Most of us already run with your phone but it’s good practice to run with an ID as well. If you get hit by a car and are unconscious then an ID or ID bracelet is the only way they can find out who you are. ID bracelets can be ordered online for as little as a few dollars, so invest in your safety.


Follow these simple steps to running safely and you can exercise freely with little to no worries.