Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means, beach season is around the corner. Time for some good old spring-cleaning, and we aren’t just talking about your closets, let’s focus on cleaning our diets. Like many of you reading this, I packed on some winter weight and it’s time to ditch those extra pounds by switching out our bad habits with some new, good ones. When it’s cold outside our instincts are to pack on weight to keep us warm, but now that it’s getting warm, we need to get in shape. A simple spring clean of your diet will help with transitioning from winter you to the active-summer you.


Clean Out Your Fridge

When it’s cold outside it’s natural to snack on comfort foods and while that’s fine for short periods, now that it’s warm outside, it’s time to clean house. Our fridges are warzones and we must get rid of the land mines hiding in there. Time to toss out your secret sugar stash and replace it with a fruit stash. We all have trigger foods that will ruin any healthy diet if we keep them around, so you know what to do… trash them all.   A quick clean of your fridge in the springtime can help you ditch that winter weight fast.


Say No to Fad Diets

Its springtime and you are probably inundated with countless new fad diets that all these New Year’s warriors are trying. Whether it’s a juice cleanse, new detox or an even odder diet like the potato diet, you need to understand that none of these are good for long term weight loss. They may help you lose weight fast, but you aren’t fixing any of your bad habits so once you stop, you will gain the weight right back. Many times these diets will have you cut out entire food groups, which make them incredibly hard to maintain over the long haul. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, count calories and exercise, eat smart and make good decisions consistently.


Switch from winter foods to summer ones

We all love our dense winter foods that comfort us in cold temps, but now that it’s warming up, it’s time to ditch these heavy foods. Just like cleaning out your closet of its winter clothes, your new diet needs to get rid of some winter foods. Produce is now in season and the choices of healthy foods are almost limitless.


Less Booze

Sure beer and warm temps go hand-in-hand but making smart decisions often mean making sacrifices. Drink less booze and you will lose weight, simple as that. Drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions and you make poor decisions, so drink less and lose more.


Think before you eat

Stop eating mindlessly and think before you eat. Ask yourself if what you are about to eat is the right choice, if it’s not, pause and make a better choice. Life is full of choices and they eventually define us.


Cook More

Eat more healthy meals at home where you can control what goes into your body. Restaurants want people to come back so they worry less about how healthy something is and more about how tasty it is. This means they add more butter, sugar and fat and your body suffers for the increased taste profiles.


Meatless Mondays

Try eating no meat once a week and see how your body handles it. If you implement a routine like meatless Monday you will eat less calories and save money on groceries, as meat is usually a third of your budget.