Simple Tips To Up Your Gardening Game

When it comes to making a beautiful home that makes you happy to come home and makes your neighbors jealous, gardening is often overlooked. It can really brighten the place up and make it look filled with love. So if that sounds like something you’re in to try these simple and fun ideas to up your gardening game.


This is actually extremely easy and always looks cool. All you have to do is take a shower caddy, find smaller planters that will fit in its compartments, put whatever plants you want in the planters, and hang that baby up! It really adds a rustic, DIY vibe to your garden that will make you feel like a real artistic gardener.


Not many people know this, but coffee grounds actually make excellent fertilizer. You have to be careful to not use too much, but they will provide the soil around your plants with the necessary nutrients to keep the plants growing strong. More specifically, the grounds will provide the phosphorus and potassium that plants love. 


Gardening can be hard work. That’s why it’s so dang frustrating when some annoying slugs come by and eat up all your hard work! But most pesticides are dangerously full of chemicals you don’t want on your plants either. You know what makes a great pesticide? Beer! It’s true. Just leave out some beer in a shallow bowl overnight. As long as the bowl is short enough for the slugs to climb in, they’ll drink the beer and be gone in no time!


You’ve probably seen people doing this before. That’s because it works! Eggshells are rich in calcium which is an important nutrient for any living thing. Just make sure you crush the shells up into very small pieces. Pretty much the smallest you can make them. The shells will take it from there. Circle of life, baby!


I really love this one. You can actually use an old wooden pallet to create a DIY vertical garden! Just make sure the pallet is heat treated, give it a good scrub with some bleach, and remove any badly rusted nails. Once you’ve done all that, just fill the pallet with dirt and plant whatever you like in each opening! It can be fun to put the longer-growing plants at the top so they drape down over the other plants.

And these are just a few of the many fun and easy gardening tips that are out there for your disposal. So have some fun and spice up your garden already!