Simple Secrets to Keeping Your Life Clean

Cleaning your house can take all day, or all week or even all year, depending on just how dirty your house really is. Every time you decide to do a deep clean it’s exhausting and most of all, it’s time-consuming. So, instead of cleaning your house, you just convince yourself that you love the trash around your house. You tell yourself those pizza boxes make the perfect ottoman as you sit on your couch and cue another movie up on Netflix.

Well, we have come up with some secrets that can turn a full day’s job into a couple of hours of work so you can be back on that couch watching tv in a sparklingly clean home.


Make a plan and stick to it. Every time you clean your house, do it the same way. Start in the same room and end in the same room, which is easy if you live in a studio apartment. This way you won’t waste time running back and forth and you can instead clean your place quickly and efficiently. Consistency is the key to making your home clean quickly. Without a plan, you will spend all day just darting from one room to the other and running around like a chicken with their head cut off. We all know chickens without heads clean their houses the slowest.


Start at the top of the room and then slowly work your way down. This way you will avoid having to do redundant work. Let’s say you mop the floors, then you decide to dust the shelf. Well, the dusting is going to be a little messy and get dust all over your floor. Now you have to mop the floors all over again. Instead, starting at the top will ensure that you only have to clean everything once. Also, when you start on the left of your room and move to the right you will clean efficiently instead of running all over the room like a chicken with its head cut off.


Paper towels always leave streaks on your windows. It’s so annoying to clean something only to have it look dirty thanks to your shoddy cleaning. Ditch the Windex and get a gallon of water with a drop of dish soap then wipe this concoction on the window with a rag then squeegee it down, top to bottom and you will have windows with streak-free shines.


If you put all the things you need to clean your house in one convenient place then you will be ready to clean everything and anything without having to run around looking for the right tools. Put on something with a lot of pockets and just fill it up with everything you will need to clean your entire house and then watch as your cleaning time is quickly cut in half.