Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Who doesn’t love sugar? i know I do.  It has made it’s way into society at every turn, but you have to resist it as much as possible.  Sweeteners are essentially one of the worst things you can put in your body and of course it’s the best tasting.    We all need to eat less sugar in general, but some of us are eating way too much.  

Here are some serious red flags to look out for if you think you may be eating too much of that sweet white stuff.

Craving it

The more sweetener you consume, the more your body wants it.  Sweeteners are like legal crack cocaine, o addictive.  It should be illegal to put so much in some foods.  The best sweetener is real sugar that is present in our foods, like fruits.  

You crave sucrose and glucose because your body has become used to the high it provides and it is searching for more to fuel its budding addiction. Eating a high sugar diet will make you crash hard, so be prepared.  That’s why your body craves it, because it will help with the oncoming crash.

Feel Sluggish

The sugar high you get won’t last long and the crash that comes next will make you feel sluggish for a while.  Your body won’t feel better until you either put in more sugar or other nutrients.  

Eating a lot of sugar also means it’s likely you’re not eating enough protein and fiber, both important nutrients and other good stuff.

Skin Breaks Out

Pimples be popping.  

Some people are sensitive to getting a spike in insulin from sugar intake, which can set off a hormonal cascade that can lead to a breakout like acne or rosacea. This causes pimples to pop up all over.  think pimple faced teens, who eat sugary foods all day.

Moody Much?

The blood sugar crash that happens when you’re coming off a sweetener high can cause mood swings and leave you feeling crabby. Not to mention, if your energy is also tanking, that just contributes to a bad attitude.

Packing on Pounds

Excess sweetener is excess calories, and since it has no protein or fiber, it doesn’t fill you up (so you just keep eating it). It also triggers the release of insulin, a hormone that plays a big role in weight gain. When we eat sweeteners, the pancreas releases insulin, which carries glucose to our organs so it can be used for energy. When you load up on sugar, your body’s told to produce more insulin—over time, that excessive output can lead to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance means our bodies can’t respond to normal amounts of insulin properly and therefore can’t use sugar the right way. 

Dentist isn’t Happy

When bacteria chow down on food particles in between the teeth, acid is produced, which causes tooth decay. Our saliva maintains a healthy balance of bacteria on its own, but eating sugar can impact the pH and throw off the natural ecosystem. This gives the bacteria a chance to thrive and multiply, leading to cavities.

Foggy Mind

This fog is a common symptom of lower blood sugars.  When you eat a lot of sweeteners, your blood glucose levels rapidly rise and fall instead of gradually doing so.

Tastes less sweet

Too much sugar makes its effects less and the tastes fade. It’s common for your tastebuds to adjust to the high sugar levels so you have to eat fore for the same effects.  Its a tolerance factor and you shouldn’t ever get to this level. Stop eating sugar before it kills you.


Photos Courtesy of CHP, Nutrition Secrets, Euro, perfect smile