You met a great person and everything seems to be swell, you think you may have found your soulmate. However, something in the back of your mind is telling you that everything is not quite what it seems to be. Have you really found your true love, a person you can have a meaningful relationship with? These are sure signs that you haven’t found your true love yet, that the search continues.


They never compliment you. If you care about a person you want them to feel good, the best way to accomplish that is to compliment them. It is a little reminder that they are indeed important people in our lives. If that rarely happens, then you must ask yourself why.


You feel constantly judged. Being judgemental is like cyanide for relationships, except the poison is gradual and it gnaws away at the relationship. Accepting someone for who they are is true love. Talking to your partner and conveying your dislikes in a calm manner will promote individuality within the relationship.


Your partner seems to forget your existence. How high are you on their list of priorities? Do you feel like you are out of sight, out of mind? They shouldn’t mind sending a short text to say they are thinking of you, caring for you when you are unwell, or doing small meaningful things that indicate you are important to them


You find yourself explaining their actions. Friends or family mention your partner’s behavior toward you and you find yourself making excuses for the way they treat you. You have to reassure your loved ones that you are with the right person. If you are with the right person your family and friends will be able to see it in the way you treat each other.


They expend no effort working on the relationship. Relationships are a two way street and require effort from both partners. Your partner should want to spend time with you, should enjoy having you as a part of their life. They should introduce you to their family and friends, and want to meet yours. They should enjoy sharing their interests with you and getting to know your interests.


They are not happy to see you. You are in a relationship because the other person makes you feel good when you are in each other’s company. No matter the differences or physical distances, they should always be happy to see you, and vice versa. If not, distances will not just be physical. You will feel miles away from your partner even though they are right next to you.


No apparent interest in the future as a couple. Why are you in a committed relationship if there is no long-term future? Not talking about marriage, but about having the same life goals and pursuing them together. Your true love will be interested in talking about the future with you.


There is an uneasy sense of insecurity within the relationship. You are afraid of what they might think if you say they are wrong or you contradict them in any way. With the right person you can talk with candor, respecting each other’s points of view. Naturally, one can get upset or angry with opinions, but understanding soon follows.


You have the power to teach people how they can and can’t treat you. Only you will know what to do if you find these signs.