Signs of a Good Workout

Exercising at the gym isn’t a guarantee that you will have a good workout, so it’s important to know the signs of a great workout. Many people believe that a good workout must leave you sweaty, weak and shaking, which is a real misconception. Before you get yourself hurt or injured trying to reach this frazzled level, let’s understand what a good workout entails and how you should feel afterward.

Exercise of any kind is generally good for you so remember that before you push yourself to the danger zone.



Physical signs are usually the first you notice because they are the most prevalent. Let’s keep a good perspective about what our exercise goals are and make sure the physical factors meet that goal. An obese person should be happy that they are doing any exercise while a person in great shape will have many different goals.



Are you making progress or are you declining? This should be your first question. You are not expected to run an extra mile every time you jog, but you should notice that it gets easier to run the same distance. Eventually, you add more distance or run the same distance in a shorter period of time, that is progress.



How do you feel after your workout? Are you energized or dead tired? If you are working out properly, you should feel energized after a good workout. Your body should have endorphins rushing through your body, giving you a boost of energy and confidence. The increased blood flow will have you full of zest in no time.


Heart Rate

Tracking your heart rate is a great way to get quantitative data about your fitness levels. The more you workout, the slower your heart will get. Other factors like hydration come into play when dealing with your heart, so make sure you are drinking enough water pre, during and post workouts.



Now that we have discussed the physical aspects of a workout, it’s time to dive into the mental signs.   How do you feel before and after a workout, mentally? Are you in a better mood, higher or lower stress levels?



Mood is pretty easy to notice a change in, so pay attention pre workout, so you can tell any difference afterward. Your body will release endorphins during a workout, so they should be coursing through your veins. These feel-good chemicals should make you smile and be in a great mood all day.


Stress Levels

Exercise is a great stress reliever and your troubles should melt away. You don’t even have to really sweat to lower your stress, try some meditative breathing. Lowering stress is important to total body health.



Are you having fun? Exercise shouldn’t be torture, it should make you smile and be in a better mood. Elevate your happiness by working out regularly; you will be amazed at the changes.