Say Hello To Your Family’s New Favorite New Year’s Eve Tradition

New Year’s Eve is supposed to be one of the best party nights of the year. But it can often be disappointing and rather stressful to boot. All the pressure to have the best night of your life and get that kiss at the stroke of midnight… it’s too much!

But things get even more complicated once you get married and have kids. Just staying up until midnight is a massive challenge in and of itself! And as much as you’d like to think it goes away, that pressure to have a great night and get a little wild is still there. So what exactly is a family supposed to do on New Year’s Eve?

Well, if you’ve been asking yourself that very question, look no further. Because we’ve got the perfect New Year’s Eve tradition that any family will love and will only bring you closer together. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to stay up past midnight!

It’s called a Memory Jar and here’s how it works: As you go through the year as a family, whenever a nice thing happens; you make a new friend, someone gets an A on their book report, you have a great day at the beach as a family, etc, just write down the memory and put it in the jar.

It can be a little hard to stay with it and write down the memories every time they happen. But you can also schedule one day a month (a day near the end of the month works best) where you sit down as a family and go over everything that happened that month and add any memories you all deem worthy of reflecting on later.

Then, come New Year’s Eve, the fun really begins. It doesn’t matter what time you do it, just get together as a family and go through the jar. The most fun way to do it is to literally just dump the jar out on the floor and spread all the little pieces of paper around. Then, taking turns, every member of the family takes a piece of paper, one by one, and reads them aloud and you’re all able to reflect on each and every happy moment you all had throughout the previous year.

It really is a beautiful experience that at least will keep your family close and your home full of love, if not bring everyone closer together. It’s also a great way to remind yourselves that you’re living happy and healthy lives. It’s very easy to focus on all the bad stuff going on in our lives on a day to day basis. So taking time like this to remind everyone in your family that you have a lot to be thankful for can be very important, especially for your children as they slowly approach adulthood.

And feel free to add any extra bits of fun to the annual tradition! Maybe you all got matching pajamas Christmas morning and this is the first time you all wear them together. Maybe you all bake cookies and drink hot cocoa while you do it. Maybe there’s a specific and special album you listen to every time you do it. Just have fun with it!

Trust me, I started doing the Memory Jar with my family a few years ago and we couldn’t be happier. It has certainly brought us closer together and it’s already become a tradition that we can’t wait for every year. I wish we had started it years ago! And you and yours will feel the same way. Enjoy!