Running Alternatives for Sore Joints

Running is a great way to exercise but it can be so tough on your joints, so what are some healthy alternatives to jogging? Running is a high intensity workout that burns a high amount of calories in a short amount of time. Knees and hips take a real pounding when you run, so let’s explore some less impactful exercises you can do to get the same results.



This is similar to jogging without any of the high impact on your joints. Elliptical training replicates the motion of running without any of the joint shocking and hard impacts. Elliptical machines also add in some arm training as well.


Riding a bike

Cycling is a great exercise that gets your heart pumping without putting stress on your joints. Riding a bike is an excellent replacement for running especially if your joints have been giving you fits. A spin class is an excellent way to get your exercise in a short amount of time, similar to jogging. Try and pick up the intensity to mimic the high calorie burn of a nice run.



TRX is a hot exercise trend that stands for Total Body Resistance Training. You use suspension straps allow you to exercise using your own bodyweight as resistance. Think push-ups, planks and squats but with the added resistance of your body weight to make it more of a workout.



Swimming works out your entire body without any of the hard impacts that jogging has. Since water is much more dense than air, you work harder to go the same distance. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do without adding stressful impacts on your body.



These heavy hand held weights are used frequently in Crossfit but is ay less impactful than most Crossfit exercises. Swinging these kettlebells around is not just a weight workout; it ends up being a cardio exercise as well. Ask a trainer for some good kettle bell exercises and get started today.



Rowing can be a total body workout if done correctly so get on that rowing machine. Wait, you don’t own a rowing machine, not to worry, every gym that’s worth its weight has a few lying around. Rowing is great for your back, arms, legs and core.


Cardio Barre

This hot trend blends dance workouts with Pilates, yoga and floor exercises. Get in on the hot fad and try a Cardio Barre class out. They are deceptively hard and you will leave sore and sweaty.


Circuit Training

Circuit training is using weights but in quick intervals so you also get a cardio workout. High intensity exercises with short breaks make an excellent workout and are low impact on your joints.


Power Yoga

Power yoga is defined by constant movements and burns more calories than normal yoga. You hold the poses for shorter periods of time and switch between poses every few breathes.


If your joints are bothering you and running is not an option any more, try any of these low impact workouts and let us know how you like them.