Practice Mindfulness With These Easy Tricks

Practicing mindfulness is good for your mind, body, and soul. You will feel less stressed, be in a better mood, and overall just be a healthier person. But sometimes making time to practice something new is almost impossible. You’re too busy working, running errands and exercising to fit almost anything else into your schedule. Don’t worry, you can fit mindful meditation into your everyday routine as long as you remember these easy tips and tricks.


If you pick one super simple move then you’ll be able to try it out whenever you have a spare minute. You don’t have to get out a beanbag chair, light some incense and put on soothing soft jams to practice mindful meditation. Do it anywhere.

First focus on your body. Think about what your body is touching, your feet on the floor or your butt on the seat.

Then pay close attention to one object or sound. Focus on this one thing for a few minutes.

Lastly, think of someone in your life that you are appreciative of and send them some mental love.

This is a good stepping stone to mindfulness that is sure to benefit your life almost immediately. Change your frame of mind in for a more positive one.


Want to practice mindfulness? There’s an app for that. Seriously! There are plenty of apps that will help guide you through some easy practices so you won’t have to rely just on yourself to navigate this new world successfully.

Also, set up a totally chilled out playlist that will help you get in the mood to practice some awesome meditation. Grooving helps make you mindful, there’s no doubt about it.


Walking or any outdoor exercise is really good to help you minimize stress and get some good perspective. Getting the blood pumping is a fantastic way to get more grounded and help you feel more mindful even without meditating. If you think about it, exercising has a lot in common with meditation which is maybe why it’s so good for our brains.

Stretching your trapezius muscle feels great when you are stressed out because that is the exact muscle where we store our stress. Try sitting on your hand and moving your head towards your opposite shoulder. You will immediately feel it in the right places and is a simple way to feel more relaxed.

Breathing is important. If you’re freaking out take some long deep breaths to try and calm yourself down. You will love the new, calmer you and now you’re ready to own the day. Everyone could use a good nervous system reset every once in a while and the fastest way to do that is with your breath.

Practicing mindfulness is easier than you think. So don’t think of it as something that’s annoying, think of it more as a luxury. Once you put it in a positive mindset pretty soon you’ll be the most mindful person on Earth.