If you’re anything like us, you use a lot of aloe vera around this time of the year. Every time you stay out in the sun a little too long, it’s time to run back inside and slather on this magnificent plant slurry all over your body to give it some sweet relief after charring it in the sun.

I used to have a bottle of the stuff, but then I graduated to owning the actual plant. They look cool and they give you that sweet goo for free. But aloe vera is so much more than sunburns, you can actually use this plant for so many other uses that will blow your mind. Prepare to have your opinion of aloe vera jump to an all-time high.



Get Rid of Acne

Yeah, aloe vera makes zits disappear. How cool is that? The plant has a bunch of antiseptics swimming around in there that make your zits pack up and take a hike. However, it’s not all sunshine for everybody. Some people are actually allergic to this plant’s gel, so make sure you do a small test on your body before covering yourself in it, especially if it’s on an already irritated patch. But if your skin is fine then clean your darn face for once in your life with the cooling gel of aloe vera.


Moisturize Your Skin

In case you were unsure if goo makes your skin moist, now you know. Don’t write this plant off as just ordinary goo, though, it moisturizes while helping protect against skin cancer. Now that’s some helpful goo.



Skin Soother

If you got that hard skin, then reach for the aloe vera plant because that will smooth your skin right on out. Dryness and irritation are the cause of many a terrible skin disease and the best way to protect against that is to slap on some aloe and stay nice and moist.


Helps Small Wounds

Stop swelling and help clean the wound with aloe vera, the answer to all of your prayers. But the benefits don’t end there, the juicy aloe vera gel actually adds to the elasticity of your skin helping that heal as well. This plant works especially well on burns, unsurprisingly, but what is surprising is just how much it helps. A study recently found that you can heal up to nine days faster when using aloe vera on a burn. Wow!



A Shaving Cream Alternative

Since the aloe vera plant is filled with gel, it is fantastic to shave with. But if you’re bad at shaving, or are new to shaving, the aloe vera might be your best bet because it’s natural antibacterial properties will help whenever you get a small cut.


Makeup Remover

Clean your face or all your makeup with aloe vera. All you need to do is coat your face in this incredible goo and then use a washcloth to wipe it off along with all of your makeup. When you’re all done, not only will your face be clean but it will be moisturized as well. Once you see how well these plants work for all these alternative uses, you’ll be wondering what this plant can’t do.