One Stranger’s Kindness Helps A Mother On A Budget

When you are a parent you usually find little time or money to treat yourself. Everything you do revolves around the beautiful life or lives you have created. Whatever they need, you go above and beyond to get it for them even if that means sacrificing your needs. Most of us don’t have enough money or time to take care of our needs while taking care of our children’s needs at the same time. Parenting is often full of a lot of self-sacrifices. This may seem sad, but seeing a smile on your kid’s face makes it all worth it. One mom in Florida went to Target and realized she once again would have to sacrifice the products she needed for herself so that she could buy her children everything they needed, but that’s when a stranger stepped in.


Erin Bennett went to Target to buy stuff for her four children. She has been pretty stressed out lately thanks to all of the parent-teacher conferences, emergency dental visits and of course the postpartum depression she was experiencing thanks to her youngest child. Taking care of all of that while the husband was at work is a Herculean task that only a super special mom could handle.


Erin was currently checking out at Target when she realized that she had hit her budget and had to put some products back. She looked at everything she had picked out to find what she would not be able to buy that day. After searching all her stuff she found what she wanted to put back. She picked out the pumpkin spice candle and makeup she was going to buy herself and decided those were the items she would put back. She really loved the pumpkin spice candle, because she used scent to help deal with the postpartum depression. The smell of pumpkin spice had always helped boost her mood when she was feeling down and all she wanted was to take a nice hot bath and relax with the pleasant scent that candle would offer her. She also hadn’t worn any makeup for a long time and thought it would be nice to treat herself by really making herself look beautiful. However, she had hit her budget and her needs are always second, or in this case, fifth to the needs of her children.


Erin was sad but also she was used to sacrificing her needs for her children. She took her products out and was ready to give them up, but that was when a stranger stepped up to the plate and decided to help. Out of the kindness of his heart, a man stepped in and insisted on buying the candle and makeup for the mom. Erin tried to tell her that it wasn’t worth it but the man demanded. He told her that she deserved it which almost made Erin cry. Such a little gesture really helped this mother of four have some time for herself that was so desperately needed. The stranger was not frustrated by the mother with whiny children taking forever to check out in front of him, he saw her as a human being who needed help and he so graciously stepped up to the plate.
Now he is the type of person we need more of in the world.