No Time, No Problem: Quick Tips For Time-Squeezed Exercisers To Still Squeeze In A Good Workout

Time-crunched? Try these workout tips with one eye on the clock and the other on your goal.

Everyone’s busy, right? Well, most people claim to be really busy, and often complain that it’s difficult to find (or make) the time to exercise. Among the busy people is a subset who are use that as motivation, because, for them, the world ends if they don’t get a workout session in. The other subset use it as an excuse to skip workouts. For the latter subset of people, there no more excuses.

Actually having less time to exercise — or just feeling like you — doesn’t allow you to give up on your fitness goals. Just be creative about making the best use of the (limited) time you have in a day.

If you have a busy schedule, try these five tips for maintaining your fitness while monitoring the clock:

Increase The Intensity Of Your Exercise

According to experts at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three days per week is just as equally effective as 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days per week. Pick up the pace with a high-intensity workout, and you can get a sufficient health-and-body boost in half the time.

Perform Only One Set of Each Exercise

Keep in mind, workout fiends do more of the stuff because they actually enjoy it. Good news for those struggle with the “fun” factor. According to ACSM experts, people can get similar benefits from performing a single set of each strength move or exercise as they would from doing multiple sets. Ideally, do what works for you without the pressure to go “overboard.”

Multitask During Your Exercises

As opposed to performing strength exercises that target only a specific muscle group, try incorporating compound exercises that train two or more at the same time. Do your bicep curls with dumbbells along with your leg lunges; do your shoulder presses with dumbbells while train legs with step-ups; combine back rows using dumbbells with squats to work the lower body. Just be sure to watch your form!

Increase The Weight During Exercises

You can shave even more time off your workout session by performing fewer repetitions of exercises while handling heavier weight resistance than that with which you would ordinarily train. But don’t utilize excessive weight resistance that compromises proper form.

Exercise With An Evening Power-Walk

If your time crunch leaves no time to swing by the gym on the way home, you can add exercise to the end of your day by slipping outside for a brief after-dinner power-walk. Use that time to explore or appreciate your neighborhood or city block, while you burn calories on a brisk outdoor jaunt at a quick pace.

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