Nike Introduces Pro Hijab

Nike took a big step recently when they introduced a “Pro Hijab” workout line. Helping Muslim women by giving them options for their workouts now. The first major sports brand to recognize the plight of women in the Muslim faith.

Muslim women must always keep their head covered when in public and Nike as recognized that. Listening to female Muslim athletes was smart of Nike and shows the world that they care.

The hijab is a traditional Muslim head covering that is made of breathable fabrics, so the company set out to reinvent the proverbial wheel. Their design focused on breathability and function. The “Hijab Pro” line is groundbreaking and took years of research and development. They wanted these hijabs to have a second skin feeling, being so light you wouldn’t even know they were there.

Nike decided to use a durable, single layer power mesh that is lightweight and breathable. There are strategically placed holes for airflow and it has an overall smooth design.

Female Muslim athletes like powerlifters Amna Al Haddad have applauded Nike on this amazing line for women. On international Women’s Day it’s great that companies like Nike show up when they are needed. This was a real problem for Muslim women all over the world and it’s awesome how Nike approached this issue. They could have just thrown some product together but they took the time to develop something that will affect so many young women all over the world.

The company first released a powerful video campaign that they hoped to go viral called “What will They Say About You?”.   This featured female athletes of Muslim faith and Arabic backgrounds performing athletics at high levels.   The video showed women skating, running, fencing and boxing in the suburbs of Dubai.

This was another great move by the athletic giant, featuring strong women from cultures that don’t usually support women freely. The worldwide brand is really changing the way people view women in general and that to me is a great thing.

Sure this could all be a great viral marketing campaign to get sell more products, but it seems more important than that.

Nike has long been a company and brand on the forefront of social and economic issues, so I commend them on this great deed.

Women and girls from all around the globe should be proud today, not just because it’s National Women’s Day but because you are women and you are strong.

Muslim culture has long seen women as second class and today Nike took that away been if for a small moment.

I’m not usually a shoe guy, meaning I won’t spend more than a hundred dollars on a pair of shoes, but today I would think about it. Nike really made a huge mark on the world of female athletes today. No woman should ever feel like they are second class and this powerful brand is making that resonate all the way around the world.

The company hasn’t announced a date for the actual release but we can assume it’s soon, as their marketing picks up.