Never Eat These Before Going To Sleep

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, getting good sleep is where you want to start. Sleep is the time that our bodies recover from our day and skipping sleep can be detrimental. Sure we all snack late night, but did you know that that snacking could be causing you to miss good sleep?

Waking well rested depends on a lot of factors and eating certain foods before bed can cause a bad night of sleep. If you want great sleep, avoid eating these four types of food prior to hitting the sheets.


Don’t drink or consume caffeine before bed if you want some quality sleep. Drinking coffee before bed may seem like an obvious no-no, but caffeine can be hidden in many types of food. Chocolate has caffeine in it did you know that? That late night chocolate snack may be keeping you awake for longer.

Black and Green tea have hidden caffeine that we don’t know we are consuming. Your nightcap of a nice cup of green tea could be affecting your snooze schedule. Try buying decaffeinated tea to switching to a different late night snack.

Caffeine can stay in your system for up to 8 hours so avoid drinking coffee after 5 PM if you are having issues getting rest.

Many people brag about drinking caffeine then having the ability to fall asleep soon afterward. This may be true but the caffeine in their systems is keeping them from getting quality rest and reaching REM sleep.



Drinking alcohol then going to bed is not a great idea, sure you may pass out quickly but the sleep you get is not quality. Do you ever feel rested after a night of drinking? Even when you sleep in after drinking, you wake not rested and feeling bad. You dehydrate yourself when you drink alcohol so your body is in need of water the entire time you are asleep. Sleeping when you’ve drank more than 2 glasses of alcohol can be similar to sleeping on caffeine, sure you sleep but it’s not a good night’s rest.


Sugar is the worst thing we put in our bodies with high volumes and causes many of our health issues. This is the opposite kind of food you want to eat before bed. Sugar gives your body a jolt of energy, which is the opposite type of reaction we want at bedtime.

If you must have something sweet before bed, make it natural sugary sweet like fruit, but pair it with something high in protein so they can digest together. Doing this will ease your energy spike and make the sugars have less of an effect on your body.


Eating spicy foods can cause acid reflux and when you are lying down for bed, the heartburn can be worse. When your body is lying flat, the acid reflux can easily creep up your esophagus and create a painful situation. So, be smart and leave the spicy stuff to earlier in the day.

Eat smart and get that quality sleep we all so dearly need.