When you move into a neighborhood you don’t have to love everyone that lives around you, but it sure does help to try and treat everyone with kindness and respect. If you do that then you may just have a community of neighbors that can swoop in when you really need help. That’s what happened to one lucky elderly woman in the midst of her darkest hour. Anne Glancey was a retired teacher who loved nothing more than living in her beautiful home. However, the paint had started to peel on the exterior after the many years of living in the house. She had plenty of offers to help her fix the house but she always refused because she was just too kind.



However, the Neighborhood Improvement Program evidently did not think much of her kindness and decided instead to find the poor woman $3,000 for her peeling paint. She could not pay to repaint the house, let alone pay the fine and she certainly could not do the work herself. Anne was in a tough bind and had no idea what to do.
In Anne Glancy’s time of need, her neighbors called a community into action and they got to work saving this poor woman and her home.



Anne’s neighbors are Kristin and Adam Polhemus. They decided to put a call out on facebook asking for help and people came from everywhere to give this beautiful retired school teacher a hand. In fact, twenty-five people showed up and decided to volunteer their time to help turn Anne’s house around and make it look stunning before the deadline so that she could completely avoid the fine and have her house looking beautiful as well.



The team worked for a total of twelve hours in which they cut brush back and scraped the peeling paint off of the entire house. They also scrapped the shutters and primed a whole side of the neighbor’s house. They were able to selflessly give up on their free time and help this woman out. The house started to look brand-new after the hard work from the neighbors and this historic house was now preserved for a little while longer. The woman was beyond thrilled and the entire neighborhood grew a little bit closer thanks to their coming together to save a woman and her home.



All said and done, the repairs probably would have cost around $15,000 but they were done for free thanks to the super awesome neighbors that rallied around Anne who could not be more gracious. Anne said she was so grateful for the kindness of people and is now ecstatic to stay in her house and have it look beautiful once again. Anne’s faith has been restored in humanity thanks to the quick action of the people around her and it just goes to show you that if you treat people with respect then they will respect you as well. Wow, now that is a story that should make your heart melt.