Motivation for Your Weight Loss Journey

Staying positive during weight loss journeys is difficult at times but it’s super important. Motivation can be tricky but is an essential part to anybody’s weight loss. As someone who has lost over a hundred pounds, I feel like the perfect person to get you through the tough times and tell you that it gets better and easier. Let’s explore some great motivation tools to keep you on track and help you reach all your fitness goals.

It’s crucial to not look at weight loss as number on a scale and instead look at unquantifiable measurements like how you feel and your self-image. Too many people focus on the weight and not the other aspects of getting healthy. I tried to only weigh myself weekly so Ii wouldn’t get discouraged, as your weight will fluctuate from day to day. Time to reach all our fitness goals by getting healthy and not just trying to lose weight.

The old you

As many of you probably already realize, fat weighs less than muscle so burning fat and replacing it with muscle won’t make you lose weight. Instead of focusing on the scale, see how different you look, something that is much more noticeable. To get motivation after you have begun to plateau, simply look at old pictures of yourself before your weight loss journey began and see the difference. Often that is enough to get you over your hump and let the positive vibes flow again.

Timing is everything

When you start a weight loss transformation have tons to do with its success. Certain times allow for better results, as you are naturally more open to different situations. The beginning of the month, the week or season are great times to start a new diet. Your mind and body are already prepared for a new beginning of some sort, so why not totally flip the script and start fresh completely.



Visualization is a tool of very successful people and has been used to better their situations for centuries. It’s not a new concept, only new to you. Simply visualize how you want to look after your transformation is complete, this can motivate anyone.   Practice this a few times a day buy closing your eyes and seeing what you will look like eventually. It’s weird at first but it will motivate you if you do it properly.

Weight loss partner or group

Nothing is easy alone, so get help with one of the hardest things humans have to do, get healthy. It’s hard because it’s not an overnight process, our society have become so focused on instant gratification with the internet age. Having people in your corner rooting and helping you out along the way goes so far. I wouldn’t have lost all the weight I did without my wife. She motivated me when I was at my darkest and I pulled through because of her. You won’t know how much a team behind you matters until you have one.


Social media

Social media is a great tool to keep you honest and motivated to reach your fitness goals. Put your goals out there so you are accountable and your friends on social media will help you out. The positive outpouring will blow you away and make you want to succeed for your friend sand family.


Who is most important in your life? These people will be your biggest motivators. I changed my life because I wanted a family and I wanted to be around my lovely wife for as long as possible. Use your loved ones as motivation and you will be stronger than ever.