Most Addicting Foods and Why

What is it about certain foods that make your mouth go wild with flavor explosions? Some of these foods are so enticing we can’t see to stop chomping away until it’s all gone, and that’s when the remorse sets in.  Why are some foods more addicting than others?

We are fine while we are stuffing our faces but the second the food high goes away we feel terrible and regret eating it all. Right? We have all been there for sure.

What makes these foods so addictive and why can’t we stop ourselves from overeating? Are these eating issues negative and should I avoid them altogether or just be aware of my behaviors? Let’s explore the most commonly addictive foods and what makes them that way. Hopefully with some understanding, we can better control ourselves around these highly addictive foods.



What girl doesn’t have a sweet tooth for chocolate? The better question should be, what isn’t addictive about chocolate? The sugar is the real problem; so if you have a chocolate hankering, try the dark varieties. These have less sugar and are better for you, even if slightly.



Cookies are usually all bad, since they are made with flour, butter and sugar.  Why are cookies so addicting and so tasty at the same time?  Some vegan healthy options have popped up but your best bet is to make them yourself so you can control what goes in them. The sugar and flour are the worst for you while a little butter isn’t bad. Try swapping all these ingredients out for healthier options.




Pizza is America’s food; I don’t care about you burger people.  It’s the most addicting food cause you can’t just have one slice.  The cheese and crust are often filled with chemicals that make the food addictive. America loves the over processed delivery versions, but maybe we should make our own with alternative crusts and fresh vegetable toppings.   We make Cauliflower crust pizza and the taste is awesome.


We all know that Doritos have MSG, the super addictive food additive. Steer away from anything that has MSG in it; Monosodium glutamate is terrible for you. Chips in general are so over processed that anything good in them has been processed out. If you must eat chips, try natural veggie chips. Or if you have to have the greasy potato version, maybe portion out a small amount and put the bag away.



One piece of cake is often way too many calories so why do we still want more? The frosting is a sugar bomb while the cake itself is just flour, egg and butter: all three are addictive. If you must eat cake at a party, a small slice will suffice, but your butt better be prepared to run that off your hips.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream is easily overeaten because it’s so delicious and the packaging is misleading. Those little Ben & Jerry’s pints are actually multiple servings, so stop pounding one during your TV show. Try making your own homemade ice cream and ditch all the sugar for fresh fruits instead.



Loaded with saturated fats, these little meat sandwiches are very addictive. We need to stop eating all these sliders and multiple burgers in a sitting. The bread and grease is killing you slowly. Let’s try and make a homemade turkey burger instead, or maybe a salmon burger. If you really need that red meat, try mixing your burger half and half with black beans to cut down on the calories.


French Fries

French Fries are supposed to be addictive, that’s why they are so popular. The added fat from frying and salt makes these starch sticks bad for us. Avoid eating them by the handful, slow down and eat one at a time; you’ll be amazed at how many less you eat.


Eat smarter and hopefully just being aware that we overeat these foods will keep you from making mistakes.