Losing weight and staying healthy is a full time job, so it’s important that you don’t take mornings off. Starting off the day right will set you on course for meeting your fitness goals. I know that your morning can be hectic, so let’s try and nail down these simple things to improve your chances of losing weight.


Eat Lean Protein

Starting your day off with some healthy lean protein will give you the energy you need. Lean protein will make you feel fuller and rebuild your muscles from last night’s workout. You may even burn calories just by eating this simple thing. Instead of filling up on bad proteins like red meat or cheeses, fuel your body with lean choices like fish or turkey.

Eating these will make your body happy and your id morning hunger pains will quickly go away.


Morning Zen

Stress causes your body to release cortisol, an enzyme that stores fat in your stomach. Simply de-stressing your morning can cause this release to stop and that fat gets burned instead of nesting in your tummy region. Having a high stressed life slows down your metabolism because your body thinks it’s about to need all those calories. Stressful situations usually mean you eat less and are frantic, so calm down and watch the weight fall off.


Mix up workouts

Once muscle memory sets in your body will begin to acclimate to your workouts, so it’s best to vary them if you want the best results. It’s not just a cardio thing or a weight thing; a balanced workout must have a mix of both. This mix is what will make you lose weight the fastest and most efficiently.

If you want the most out of your workouts, it’s simple, switch it up. A mixture of cardio, weights and occasional high intensity interval training will whip you into shape quickly. If you workout in the morning you will have energy all day and a positive mental state.


Make a positive list

Write a list of your positive values each day as a affirmation and you will benefit. A study by Stanford University found that thinking about us in a positive light makes you feel more in control. Being in control is crucial to making the right decisions based on food. Try it on your own, jot down what makes you happy about yourself and do it everyday for a week. After this experiment, see how your positivity comes through in your day-to-day life.


Get your support group

Losing weight is near impossible to do by yourself, so get your support group together. This group should be positive, like-minded people who will get your back when you need it and push you towards your fitness goals. Find a mix of people who are trying to lose weight and some who have already lost weight.


Lunch is important

Planning out your lunch before you are hungry is key to not overeating and keeping on track. Diets live and die by planning and preparation. When you don’t plan or prepare you usually eat poorly and make bad decisions. Let’s make the right decisions and order your lunch before you are hungry so you don’t go overboard.


What’s your mantra?

Having mantra is a great way to keep on track. Anytime you have cravings say your mantra and you will beat them back. Don’t give in to temptation; instead use your mantra to strengthen yourself. Your mantra can be anything that brings positivity and strength into your life.


Use these tips every morning to start your day off right with positivity.