Mermaid Toast is the Newest Food Trend.

Food trends come and go and people will continue to make a big deal out of each one, because of human nature. We have zoomed past avocado toast, Unicorn Hot Chocolate and other weird trends and landed on Mermaid Toast, of course we did.


We love new and exciting things, so are you at all surprised by recent food trends? I’m not. Have you experienced the frenzy surrounding avocado toast? Its insane, hipster Millennials line up for hours at trendy eateries for avocado toast. It’s just bread and avocado people. But it’s new which will make any sane person act a little crazy for a few moments.



Trends are out of control, just look at how many people are dyeing their hair bright blue, purple or grey. I’ve even seen hipster guys with blue beards; the trends are out of control.

Earlier this year we saw Unicorn Hot Chocolate making waves. This magical concoction is hot cocoa with rainbow whip cream topped with Lucky Charms and sprinkles. This insane mix was everywhere thanks to social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. Social media is key to spreading these over-the-top trends

So let’s welcome the newest food trend, Mermaid toast.


What is it?

Mermaid toast is the invention of food stylist Adeline Waugh and was originally posted on her Instagram account @VibrantAndPure. It’s essentially almond milk cream cheese mixed with healthy superfood blue-green algae powders to create a unique spread.

Waugh also is credited with creating the internet trend Rainbow or Unicorn toast, which is just toast with brightly dyed cream cheese. She obviously has a niche and its styling normal food into trend worthy treats.

To top off these brightly colored pieces of toast, she tops them off with gold leaf, sprinkles and other healthy food dyes. She obviously only uses natural food dyes instead of chemical heavy ones you’ll find in most grocery stores.


Health benefits

Fortunately for Waugh, blue-green algae is one of the most nutrient dense foods on our planet. Spirulina is the most popular variety of blue-green algae and is a very beneficial supplemental food. Add it to shakes and juices for a super blast of nutrients. Possibly the most powerful antioxidant rich food, algae is naturally occurring in nature so it’s all-natural.

Relatively new in the health food arena, Algae is now all the rage as you can’t seem to get away form it. Try some blue-green algae out yourself and reap the rewards.


Colorful food

There are plenty of internet haters out there throwing mad shade at Waugh and her brightly colored foods. Many people think the bright colors are unappetizing and don’t look like normal food. So what? Why do people feel the need to spread hate online?

Anyway, brightly colored foods are great for your diet as the often make you eat slower and enjoy the meal.


I applaud Waugh for trying to better our world with fun and healthy food trends. It’s not for you, that’s ok, but let’s leave the negativity at home and enjoy some tasty Mermaid Toast.