Losing weight is a constant battle of fighting off hunger and making smart decisions. Eating the right foods goes a long way in curbing your hunger and making the diet easier. Instead of fighting with your hunger, control it by snacking on these hunger-busting foods.



Avocados are called a super food for a reason, they are incredible. Full of good fats and protein, these little green monsters are awesome for controlling hunger long after consumption. Add some to your next meal and see just how long you feel full afterwards. Avocados are the perfect addition to any snack.



Low calorie broth based soups are awesome snacks as they fill you up and are often consumed slowly. The slow consumption adds to their impact as over time you feel fuller without eating as much. The high water weight fills up your stomach so eating soup before your meal is a great way to eat less higher calorie dinner items.



Eating apples 30 minutes before your meal will make you eat less and stay full for longer. The fiber and water content of apples fills you up and the natural sugars keep your energy levels high. Apples are just the perfect snack. An average apple is around 125 calories, so snack away and you won’t ruin your diet.



Pickles are fermented and the fermentation adds digestive enzymes. These enzymes help with digestion and signal to your brain that you are full faster. Eating pickled foods also adds probiotics into your stomach so your digestion system gets a good cleaning.


Chili Powder

Eating chili powder amps up your metabolism so adding it to your food is a great way to lose weight. Try sprinkling some on your fruit for a nice kick that also makes your metabolism go into overdrive. Spicy food makes you eat slower and therefore you consume fewer calories.


Dark Chocolate

Whoever said chocolate was bad for you must have meant milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is a great snack when you are craving something sweet. The subtle sweetness and low sugar content make this snack perfect. Not only is it a great treat, dark chocolate also reduces blood pressure and protects your heart and brain.



Packed with protein, eggs make the best breakfast because they leave you full longer. Consuming protein in the morning keeps you going until lunch; so don’t skip on the eggs.



More protein please. Nuts add that protein punch needed for sustainable fullness and have the good unsaturated fats our bodies crave.



The best breakfast you can have is oatmeal. High in fiber and protein, eating oatmeal in the morning will keep you full until lunch and get your metabolism going.



These little fiber bombs are awesome snacks. Beans are the magical fruit, actually legumes, but that doesn’t rhyme with toot. Beans fill you up and you feel more satisfied when beans are in your meal.



If you are hungry drinking a glass of water will settle your hunger pains temporarily. It’s good practice to start your day with a tall glass of water and drink one before each meal.


Eat smart and your diet will be no problem.