Social media is something we all spend way too much time on. Whether you’re sitting on your couch bored or you’re supposed to be busy at work odds are you are checking social media. We even take time out of conversations and meals with friends to give Twitter or Facebook a quick check before rejoining the conversation. We look at all of these different websites so much and we don’t think twice about it, but such a quick action can have real consequences on your life. Whether you want to admit it or not, social media affects the way you think and feel throughout the day. The good news is that the effect you get doesn’t have to be negative, in fact, you can make social media work for you. When you’re trying to lose weight it is far too easy to let what you see on the internet make you feel hopeless and totally kill your motivation. However, you can just as easily make social media help you on your weight loss journey when you follow these easy steps.


Share Your Journey
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms for you to showcase your journey to the world. If you do this enough then you will find that you don’t just have to be accountable for yourself, but you have to be held accountable for everyone who is enjoying watching your journey along the way. That way when you crave that late night snack you can think about all the positive reinforcement you’ve received and used that as a weapon to carve those cravings to shred. Basically posting about your weight loss will increase your willpower by using the strength of your community to cheer you on.


Find Workout Buddies
Working out is always easier when you’re doing it with friends. However, you may not have many friends in your real life that are trying to maximize their fitness. That is where your presence on social media can help. You can find a bunch of new people who have the same fitness goals as you so they can hold you to your strict exercise routine. When you feel down, these people will pick you up and keep you on your exercise routine so that you don’t fall behind. Workout groups are guaranteed to make everything so much easier on yourself and when you’re trying to get fit you need to make it as easy as possible.


Find Recipes & Workouts
If you eat the same thing and do the same workouts then you are sure to fall into a major rut. Also, when your body starts repeating the same motions over and over again then you are sure to hit a plateau and stop losing the weight that you so desperately desire. Instead, what you can do is check the internet for fantastic healthy recipes and workouts to keep your body fit and your tummy content. The best way to get fit is to find what exactly works for you so that your diet and exercise is sustainable and the internet is full of fantastic information to make that easy for you.