Salt may make food taste better but what it does to our bodies is not worth the added flavor boost. Consuming salt negatively affects our bodies in many ways including raising blood pressure, retaining water and bloating. If you want to add flavor to your food without adding harmful amounts of sodium, try these healthy alternatives to salt. Don’t worry friends, reducing salt is easy and with the right ingredients, you won’t have to suffer on taste.


Spice is nice

Adding spice to a dish brings out intense flavors without increasing the sodium levels. Try introducing some spice in small amounts to see what is an acceptable level of spice that you can handle. Making foods too spicy to enjoy ruins the food and makes consumption painful. Let’s find a nice balance and chose the right spices for your meal.

Try some black or crushed red pepper for some subtle heat that will add taste and flavor to any meal. The best thing about spicy stuff is it doesn’t add any calories to your meal, only flavor. Add some cayenne pepper to a dish for a real boost of heat; this natural additive will make your taste buds dance.

Get international with your meal and try some curry or jerk spices. These international flavors add flavors your palate isn’t accustomed to so your meal will be interesting.

Acidity is tasty

Adding acids to a meal is an excellent way to jazz up the flavors without any added salt. Get some balsamic vinegar and splash some on your pasta or salad for a real unique taste.   There are lots of acids you can try. Citrus is an acid that is widely used, like lemon on chicken or orange peel in your rice. These subtle additions really pack a punch of flavor that you won’t expect.


Salt-Free Spice mixes

There are tons of great Salt-Free spice mixes available that add tons of flavors with none of the sodium you are trying to avoid. Lowry’s makes a great season salt that’s sodium free and more than adequate at amping up your meal. Experiment and find what works for you and you’ll be happier in the long run.



Seaweed is naturally salty from the ocean so this little addition is all the salt you need. You can find it ground up like salt or dried in most Asian sections of your grocery store.   Try some on popcorn or in rice for some real twists on the classics.



Ginger adds a unique blend of sweet and spicy to any dish that needs a punch. Adding it to the cooking of proteins really amps up the flavor profiles and makes salt not necessary. Mix with garlic for a crazy Asian combo that will make your taste buds dance with delight.



Try fresh basil on tomatoes for the perfect pairing. Adding a small amount of basil is a perfect substitution for salt and is much healthier.



The strong earthy flavor of rosemary makes it a good substitute. We have a rosemary bush in our yard so fresh twigs are picked almost daily. Try growing your own herbs for saving money and always having fresh choices in your pantry.



Cilantro is one of the most loved and hated spices. If you like it, you most likely love it. Cilantro adds such a unique flavor to any meal it must be used sparingly since its very powerful.



Usually a sweet substitute, cinnamon can be used to replace sodium in a refreshing way. Add some to your quinoa or other whole grains for some earthy punches.



Wine is a great salt substitute. Cooking with a red adds sodium flavoring without actual salt. Deglaze your pan after cooking meat to make natural gravy that will really make your meals memorable.