Lower Your Salt Intake and Lower Your Weight

Sodium is a silent killer and now studies say it can actually cause weight gain. High levels of sodium have been proven to increase hunger and can result in numerous health issues. New discoveries show that salt actually decreases thirst and grows hunger so maybe lowering salt would help you lose weight.   Let’s explore how salt affects the body and healthy alternatives that will help you lower your sodium intake.


Salt’s effects

Salt immediately makes you thirsty but over time, high sodium levels will make your body retain water making you less thirsty. So the theory of bartenders to leave salty foods out is true in the short term, but overall, sodium makes you less thirsty. Most of the sodium in our diets comes from restaurant meals and processed foods, so simply cutting these down will decrease your sodium levels.

Having a high sodium level will make you hungrier because your body is expending more energy to try and conserve water.


Non-Salt additives

Try switching to these non-salt additives if you really want to keep the taste but lower the sodium levels.


Herbs and Spices

Try some alternative spices and herbs to get the flavor levels up without adding pesky sodium.

Black pepper is a strong flavor that is healthy in higher amounts. Heat of any kind will add flavor without adding any sodium. That’s why adding in some crushed red pepper to any savory dish will keep your taste buds happy. Try some oregano for an added Italian flare to any dish. There are also plenty of salt-free spice mixes that add flavor without any sodium.


Adding Acid

Swap in some acid for salt and you won’t miss a beat. Squeeze a lemon over your dish and that zesty pop will make you forget all about salt. Some vinegars like balsamic add a great acidic taste without packing in sodium. The sourness of citric acids will keep your sodium levels down and the flavor levels high.



Seaweed is a great natural flavor you can add without the sodium. The natural saltiness of the sea will add flavor and nutrients to your meal. You can buy seaweed in a powdered form so you can sprinkle it without any guilty feelings. Try swapping ground seaweed for salt on your popcorn snack and you can indulge without any guilt or worries of weight gain.


Change how you cook

The way you prepare your food adds flavor so switch up the way you cook. Grilling food adds intense flavor as the flames can create amazing flavor profiles. The scorched meat or veggies will have a certain taste that will make you forget all about salt.

Slow cooking in a slow cooker is an excellent way to get all the flavor out of your food. This intensifies tastes that would normally get overpowered by salt.