Local Bar Owner Saves A Woman’s Ring… And A Boy’s Life

When you think of the kind of person that would own a bar, a great person that goes above and beyond to help others isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what Jimmy Gilleece of North Carolina is.

Jimmy owns a bar in North Carolina called Jimmy’s at Red Dogs. It’s a simple but great bar that is enjoyed by locals every night of the week. Everyone knows Jimmy and Jimmy knows just about everyone. It’s what a bar should be; a place where “everybody knows your name.” That’s why Jimmy got into the bar business in the first place. He wanted to provide a service that allowed the people of the community to come together and enjoy each other’s company. But what happened recently, he never could have predicted.

One night, a woman visiting from New Mexico was enjoying a night out at Jimmy’s. She had a great time. Maybe a little too great. In fact, she lost her wallet while at the bar. We’ve all been there. And it’s always terrible. But to make to make matters worse, she had a ring in her wallet that was worth $10,000. She was heartbroken. But she was able to contact Jimmy and told him what had happened. Jimmy didn’t hesitate. He jumped to action.

Thankfully, Jimmy had multiple security cameras in his bar. So he scoured the footage and, wouldn’t you know, he actually spotted the culprit. He noticed a young man grab the wallet and quickly walk away. So Jimmy shared the best image he could get of the boy and spread it around on social media in an attempt to find the woman’s ring. It was a long shot that they would ever find him, but it was the least Jimmy could do.

Amazingly, someone recognized the bandit! It turns out he was a young, 17-year-old boy named Rivers Prather. Sadly, Rivers was homeless at the time. He was actually living in the woods when they found him. He felt terrible for taking the wallet, but he was desperate and starving. Even worse, once he took the money out of the wallet, he tossed it into a nearby ocean channel, ring and all. The woman was again devastated. But Jimmy was far from done.

He actually hired a team of divers to look for the wallet! Amazing. And much to everyone’s surprise, they actually found the wallet! With the ring still in it! What an incredible end to a heartwarming story. But don’t jump the gun just yet. The story actually isn’t over! Jimmy still wasn’t done.

He felt terrible for Rivers and the dangerous life he was living. He could tell he was a good kid who just needed a little help. And help is something Jimmy was happy to provide. Incredibly, Jimmy took Rivers into his own and gave him a life again. Rivers is now working two jobs and is happier than ever. And he owes it all to the amazing generosity of this beautiful man. 

These are the kinds of stories we here at Lifebru love reading. Ordinary American’s doing extraordinary things to brighten up the lives of others. If we could all conduct ourselves like this wonderful man did, then maybe the country, and even the world, would be a better place.