It’s not just what you eat and how you workout that determines a good weight loss strategy, you also have to pay attention to HOW we eat. Bad eating habits can ruin a great diet without you even noticing. It’s time to finally break these bad eating habits and start new healthy ones. We found the most common diet sabotaging habits and the best ways to break free of them.


Shopping while Hungry

Stop going to the grocery store hungry, we make terrible decisions this way and bring them home. Leave these bad choices at the store and eat a healthy snack before going. You are way more likely to impulse buy crappy foods when hungry. Even drinking a quick protein shake or even an apple can curb your hunger cravings long enough to get your shopping done. I make a list before I go shopping and I don’t vary from it at all. This is the only way to nip your bad habits in the bud.


Eating in front of TV

Eating in front of the TV causes us to miss our cues of feeling full, so we overeat. Its good practice to actually pay attention to everything we consume, this helps us stay on track. Being mindful of what you put in your body leads to weight loss usually and it helps us feel more in control of our eating habits. Turn off the TV, put down your phone and consciously pay attention to your eating and how your body feels afterwards.


Snacking out of box

Stop eating out of the box or bag and portion out the proper amount ahead of time. Simply pour the amount you want to eat in a bowl and put the box away. This practice will keep you from overeating and mindless eating. We overeat out of boxes because we aren’t consciously aware of our intake. It’s pretty easy to overeat this way so keep those bags and boxes in the cabinets.


Emotional Eating

We get into trouble when we let our feeling get in the way of our diets. Eating a point of ice cream may make you happy in the moment but afterwards you will feel worse. It’s obvious that emotional eating is unhealthy and in some cases can lead to severe overeating. Keep your emotions out of your eating habits and try and find other ways to feel better. May I suggest exercise when you are upset, it usually helps me blow off steam. A good sweat never hurt anyone.


Skipping meals

Stop skipping meals and instead try smaller meals throughout the day. When you skip a meal it means when you finally do eat, you will be too hungry. Being too hungry while eating is similar to shopping while hungry, we make bad decisions.   Try a reminder on your phone if you find yourself missing meals because you get too busy. Everyone has 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy a healthy snack, even if it’s just an apple.   Skipping a meal every once in awhile won’t hurt, but repeatedly missing meals will create an unhealthy pattern.


Good luck breaking these habits, it may not be easy bit its definitely worth it. Acknowledge that you have a problem, identify it and do something about it.