Anyone will tell you that for fitness goals to be met, you must be consistent with your workouts, but that is so difficult to do. How can we live our lives and stay on your workout routines and regimens? Life sometimes gets in the way of your fitness goals so I’ve found some helpful tips to stay on top of your workouts.

Muscles don’t get bigger overnight and your cardio doesn’t just improve after one long run, so how do we get healthier? Consistent workouts followed by proper nutrition for long periods of time are the only way to get healthy. Consistency is so important and often overlooked; routines are crucial to achieving fitness goals.

There is no end-all be-all plan for workout consistency, but there are some commonalities. A good rule of thumb is to try and workout for at least 150 minutes of moderate physical exertion or 75 minutes of hardcore activity.   Keeping this amount of exercise should create physical fitness, as long as it’s combined with a healthy diet.

Its key to finding workouts that you actually enjoy and being consistent will be much easier. The longer you stay consistent with your workouts, the easier it becomes to do them. As you become more fit, it’s crucial to increase your workout load, so your effort stays the same.

Here are some tips to stay more consistent with your fitness.


Regular classes

Signing up for a class is a great way to stay consistent. Having a regular class keeps you honest by giving you consequences for missing a class. You don’t want to disappoint your instructor and you definitely don’t want to waste money. Sign up for a new class and try some of the new fitness trends of 2017.   By taking a class you will also learn a new activity, which could make fitness more enjoyable.  


Early bird

Getting up early is a great way to make your workouts fit into your schedule. Breaking a sweat in the mornings also has been proven to improve people’s dispositions and makes them happier throughout the day.   Early birds really do get the worm, as working out in the mornings is the number one reason people stay on their fitness plans. It sets a precedent for the entire day if you get sweating early.


Workout partners

Finding a workout partner is a great way to keep you honest. Having someone to push and motivate you helps you stay consistent. These partners don’t let you skip workouts or half-ass your way through a class. You benefit them as much as they help you, so the mutual success motivates each other. Find a friend or neighbor to join a gym or just be walking partners.


Public decree

Tell others that you are trying to better yourself with a fitness goal and these people will motivate you. Put it on social media, tell your friends and co-workers so when you slack, you are held responsible.   Believe me, putting yourself out there on social media is a great motivator, these people will push you and you will be a better person for making a statement.



Rest days

Pushing yourself hard with little to no rest is going to hurt you eventually. People naturally get worn out and beat down by their fitness goals, so it’s super important to rest. Your body won’t continue to improve if you are not letting yourself recover. Your muscles need rest to fully grow and get stronger. Constant pushing of your self will eventually make you stop working out. Take a few rest days a week, it’s only going to help.



Simplify your workout routines so they fit into your everyday life. Don’t make the gym your second home, we are only here for a short time, so have some fun. Take a “me” day and don’t do anything fitness related, this would make you want to work out. Believe me, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so taking a break will make you more motivated to work. Don’t take too many classes or too many different workouts.


Keep your workouts fun and engaging; this will make you more consistent. Stay active and consistent and your fitness goals will be reached in no time.