Is Your Vegan Diet Killing You?

If you’re eating vegan then you know you’re doing the right thing ethically but are you hurting your own body by choosing this animal-friendly diet? A lot of people worry about this very thing when they’re deciding on the right diet for themselves. The one thing you really have to worry about when you eat vegan is to make sure you’re getting enough calcium. Most people focus on the protein which is important but calcium is just as important as well. Your bones are made out of calcium and there is also calcium in fluids throughout your body including your blood. If you’re eating vegan then you have to make sure you’re getting enough calcium and our health experts gave us all the advice you’d ever need.


How Should Vegans Get Calcium?
When most people think about calcium they think about milk and cheese which are obviously off-limits for even the most liberal vegans.
But what a lot of people don’t realize is that calcium comes from all plants. Plants are actually where the cows get their calcium from so instead of getting it from their by-products just eat the plants themselves and you will get plenty of calcium. If you’re a vegan you are more than likely eating plants. If you’re vegan and you’re not eating plants then you are probably not eating anything at all. So just make sure to continue to eat plants and you should be fine. Get your calcium in so you can keep your bones strong and stay super healthy.


How Much Calcium Is Enough?
How much calcium is needed for each person varies on what country you ask. THe U.S. says you need around 1,000mg per day while the U.K. says you only need 700mg. So who’s right? I’m not sure but might as well shoot for the higher number just to make sure.


Is Calcium All You Need For Healthy Bones?
No, actually there are a bunch of other nutrients that you can make sure your body gets a ton of just to make sure that you stay happy and healthy. Keep your bones nice and strong by getting a bunch of Vitamin D which you can just get from the sun, Vitamin K which you can get from dark leafy greens and magnesium which you can get from nuts, brown rice, and beans. Make sure you’re checking all of those boxes and you should have nice and strong bones even without the help of meat or other animal by-products.


What Are Other Vegan Calcium Sources?
Well if you don’t think you are eating enough greens then you probably need to find your calcium from elsewhere. Tofu is a great alternative because it is rich in calcium for the most part. You may have to check the label to make sure but usually, calcium is used to thicken tofu. You can also find calcium-fortified plant milk which is a great way to fit calcium into any meal. Make sure you eat your calcium and you’ll be sitting pretty.